The Best Pet Friendly Sofas – Furniture that can Stand up to Dog and Cats

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Buying new furniture for your home is exciting.  There are so many colours, fabrics, and styles to choose from, and you are enjoying imagining what the perfect piece will look like in your living room.  But for pet owners, there is more to consider than style and comfort.  You need to take into account wear and tear on your newly acquired sofa.  Can it stand up to the abuse that pets can dish out?

When it comes to investing a significant amount of money into a new sofa, you want to know that what you select will last.  Many pet owners would prefer to spend more, even if it is quite a bit more, to ensure that their choice will stand the test of time and the beating their furniture might take from their beloved pets.  As a result, many quality furniture manufacturers now often pet friendly options in a variety of styles and upholsteries to meet the needs of this new market.

Factors To Consider

In selecting the right sofa for your home, there are a lot of factors to take into consideration.  Thankfully, with the wide variety of pet friendly choices now available, you don’t have to sacrifice comfort or style for functionality.  You can have it all!

Here are some things to keep in mind as you begin your search for the perfect pet friendly sofa:

  • Material—The material you choose for your new sofa will determine how long it will last. Delicate fabrics in lighter shades tend to show signs of wear much sooner than more hardy alternatives and can be prone to snagging and tears.  The good news is you are spoiled for choice!  Just because you are a pet owner does not mean you are relegated to boring, utilitarian fabric choices.

Among the best selections for sofa upholstery are leather, microfiber, tweeds, synthetic fabrics such as rayon, nylon, acrylic, or polyester, and patterned fabrics.

Each of these upholstery options carries its own advantages, but one of the greatest assets in the battle to preserve your furniture is embracing a fabric that is resistant to spills and stains.  All of these options provide protection against permanent damage to your furniture from pet dirt or messes.

  • Easy to clean—One of the biggest challenges pet owners face is keeping on top of pet hair that embeds itself in clothing and surfaces. While you will never completely eliminate pet hair from your home, your choice of upholstery can make pet hair removal much simpler for you.

Fabrics that contain tight weaves or that are slicker in nature like leather or microfiber repel hair.  They are easy to wipe down when they become dirty and a simple vacuuming will remove excess loose dirt or stray hairs.  This makes them a great choice for homes with pets because they are attractive and comfortable yet durable and simple to keep looking fresh.

  • Durable construction—Whether you are a pet owner or not, the fact that you need furniture with a sturdy construction goes without saying. But for people who have animals prone to digging or scratching, it is important to select a sofa made of materials that are very durable.

Save delicate fabrics for areas of your home that are strictly for use by your human family members and opt for materials that have the strength to withstand a little pet use for the “high traffic” areas of your home.

Companies with Great Products for Pet Owners

Choosing the right sofa for your home begins with a lot of major decisions.  Once you’ve narrowed things down to your budget, your style, and your colour choices, it’s time to start sourcing companies that can deliver the sofa of your dreams.

There are many great companies producing sofas that meet all of our criteria for the ideal pet friendly sofa.  Among the best options available to pet owners today are:

The Alex Sofa by Bessett Furniture (Sunbrella Fabrics)

Bassett Furniture offers a wide selection of sofas and living room furniture in an array of pet friendly fabrics and styles. In addition to this, Bassett offers sunbrella performance fabric for the ultimate in protection against stains and wear and tear. This upholstery is made of 100 percent acrylic giving the advantage of resistance against even the most stubborn stains and abuse.

Some of their most popular styles include the Custom Leather Ladson Great Room Sofa and the Carlisle Sofa.

The Atticus by Palliser

The name Palliser is synonymous with quality. A Canadian company founded in 1944, Palliser has a reputation for producing well-crafted, beautiful furniture. Whether you want to choose from their many different fabric options or something in leather, Palliser offers many attractive selections in varying price points for the pet conscious family.

Some of our favourites include the 77314 Becklow Sofa, the 77638 Remington Sofa, and the 77718 Beech Sofa. Best of all these are available in collections to allow you add-on additional pieces at your leisure.


Joybird is a company that truly shines when it comes to stylish and affordable furniture options for families with pets. They offer a variety of different fabrics specifically formulated to address the issues that pet owners face on a daily basis. These fabrics were designed to provide extra strength and durability. They are also low maintenance and easy to clean, making them a favourite choice of many pet owners.

Joybird offers upholstery in various materials, styles, and patterns. Some customer favourites include woven fabrics, microfiber that is buttery soft to the touch, and safeguard materials such as sunbrella which are resistant to spills and damage from the sun or moisture. Joybird also offers high quality leather upholstery options.

When it comes to designs that range from the traditional to the ultra contemporary, Joybird blazes a trail all its own. We particularly love the Liam, Aubrey, Franklin, and Preston collections, but with style so great, it’s hard to choose but a few!

Slobproof Furniture

Slobproof leads the way in affordable, functional furniture that is…well, slobproof. They offer many solutions to address wear and tear from pets including furniture with easily removable zippered cushions for frequent washing to address pet dirt and mess. Slobproof carries a large assortment of upholstery options including outdoor fabrics for the utmost in durability and all-weather protection. But Slobproof offers far more than just furniture that stands up to the worst wear a pet can throw at it, their collections are also both modern and beautiful.

With the Sally Sofa, the Chevy Chase Sleeper Sofa, and the Baltimore Sofa representing but a few of their great designs, it is easy to see that there is a style to suit any family’s unique tastes.

Stuart Sofa by Boston Interiors (Crypton Fabric)

When it comes to form, function, and just plain fun, it’s hard to top the gorgeous designs of Boston Interiors. With design styles ranging from the cool and casual to the ultimate in luxury, Boston Interiors has something sure to please everyone’s furniture palate.  Available in a wide variety of spill and stain resistant fabrics, there are hundreds of selections to choose from to ensure just the right “feel” for your home.

A leading choice for many families with pets is is Boston Interiors’ Stuart Sofa.  Available in Crypton stain resistant fabric, this eye-catching and comfortable sofa delivers the ultimate in comfort, elegance, and performance.  Crypton protects against even the most stubborn odors and stains to keep your Stuart Sofa looking as pristine was the first day you brought it home.

Ready to add a pet friendly sofa to your home? Stop by one of these great retailers to find your perfect fit!



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