Food Dispenser – Dog, Cats & Fish

Pet food dispensers can be the ideal way to handle your pet’s meals. Whether you are running late and you’re afraid of missing supper time; or you like the way a food dispenser measures your pet’s meals to keep him on a healthy diet, these feeders can be perfect for many households. Dogs, cats, even fish can depend on them to never miss a meal! Easy to use and reliable, food dispensers can be loaded with food and set days in advance. Perfect for those times when you have to work late or you get caught in traffic.
Picture of a dog sitting at the table

Food dispensers for dogs range from simple feeders that dispense food via gravity to elaborate dispensers that can be set via electronic pre-programming. You can divide your dog’s meals into portions to be fed at set times or let him munch and snack all day. It’s up to you.

Picture of a fat cat on hardwood floor
While cats have a reputation of being finicky, most cats love food dispensers. It’s up to you to decide how much and how often the feeder will provide your cat’s meals. Instead of leaving food sitting out for your cat to eat all the time, letting her become obese, a food dispenser can help keep her svelte.
Picture of a Heros severus in an aquarium
Automatic fish feeders make taking care of your fish very easy. If you sometimes forget to feed your fish, a food dispenser remembers for you. Fish like a steady schedule as much as other animals so a food dispenser lets them have regular meals at regular times. You can also consider automatic feeders while you’re on vacation and slow release feeders.