Superstitions About Dogs

Superstitions About Dogs

With Halloween just around the corner, many people are turning their minds towards the sinister, the suspicious, and the most commonly held superstitions. Superstitions have very much become a part of today’s culture, and many people are guided by their beliefs in them. Believe it or not, there are many different superstitions connected to dogs. Here is our list of some of the most commonly held to superstitions about dogs today:

Dogs appearing to bark at nothing are actually barking at ghosts.

Most dogs love the sound of their own voices and will take every opportunity they get to let loose on a barking frenzy. If your dog has ever barked at what seems to be nothing, you might be surprised to discover that some people claim that dogs who do this are actually barking at the presence of a ghost.

Stepping in dog poop with your left foot is good luck.

While you might not think discovering you’ve stepped in dog poop is good luck at all; in France, if your left foot meets up with dog feces, superstition dictates that good fortune will soon be coming your way. Unfortunately, if it is your right shoe that lands in the poop, you’ll be experiencing a reversal of fortune.

Dogs crossing between a couple indicate trouble to come in the relationship.

If a dog walks between a couple who is out for a stroll, this can mean two possible things: a marital breakup for the already married or the end of an engagement for those on their way to the altar.

Some dogs are considered to be good luck.

There are several different superstitions that indicate that certain dog breeds and colors are good luck. If you happen to spy an ambulance while out on a walk, be sure to seek out a brown or black dog as soon as you can lest you be the one the ambulance is coming for!

In addition to this, some people believe that Dalmatians as well as Greyhounds that bear a white spot on their head are both breeds that bring good luck to those who meet them.

Dogs get strong and accurate vibes about people.

Dogs are able to intuit whether a person means you harm or good. Some people trust their dogs’ intuition implicitly, feeling if their dog reacts negatively towards a person that that person should be avoided.

A howling dog means a death will occur.

Some people believe that a dog found howling outside the home of a person who is ill is a strong indication that the person will soon pass away. This concept was reinforced if the dog was chased away and came back to continue his frenetic howling.

Dog bites can cause unusual pregnancies in people.

Indian legend relates that a dog bite will cause a human to become pregnant with that dog’s puppies. In exchange for carrying the puppies, the human will also receive rabies.

Stray dogs bring good fortune.

Scotsmen believe that if a stray dog accompanies you on your journey home that your house will be blessed with good fortune. You will be especially blessed if your new canine companion happens to be black in color.

The appearance of an unfamiliar dog indicates a new friendship.

It is a common superstition that if a dog unfamiliar to you enters your home or property that you will be making a new friend in the future.

A dog hiding under the table means a storm is coming.

Since dogs can feel very powerful vibrations and imminent changes in the weather, this belief might actually be more truth than superstition; however, many people feel that a dog hiding underneath their table means a storm is on its way.

Dogs offer protection against the forces of evil.

It has long been believed that having a dog stand watch by the side of the bed of an ill person is a means of protection from evil.

Some sailors felt having a dog aboard their ship was bad luck.

Even though many sailors owned and loved dogs, some made it their policy to never allow their best canine pals on board their vessels, believing their presence would bring bad luck.

Meeting a spotted dog en route to an important business function indicated future success.

Many people hope to come across a spotted dog on their way to a business meeting, sharing it is their belief that encountering this type of canine fellow is sure to guarantee them success in their business venture.

Catching sight of three white dogs is a sign of good luck to come.

It has been said that catching a glimpse of three all white dogs together indicates good luck to come in the future.

Some people believe that a dog eating grass means rain is coming.

Though many owners equate a grass eating dog with a canine with an upset stomach, some people have an entirely different viewpoint, sharing they feel it means rain will soon be forthcoming.

A dog’s sleeping position can indicate bad news to come.

In the United States, there is a superstition around a dog’s sleeping position and what it may indicate. Dogs that sleep with their tail straight out and their paws upturned are supposed to indicate bad news is on its way. To find out which direction the bad news will come from, simply look at where the dog’s tail is pointing.

A howling dog at the time of a baby’s birth was thought to mean the child would be unhappy.

A superstition tracing back to Medieval times, it has long been believed that the howling of a dog during a baby’s birth was an indication the child’s life would be an unhappy one.

Some cultures believe block dogs are associated with the devil.

In some countries, black dogs have become synonymous with the devil. Some people believe they are ghosts of the wicked.

Do you consider yourself a superstitious person? Consider our list of some of the most common superstitions about dogs. How many of them have you heard before?



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