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Does Brutus Protect Your Home?

Just because your dog’s name is Brutus doesn’t mean he can guard your home … especially if he’s a 15lb Pug. The reality is that the average dog sleeps 12-14 hours per day. Your dog may spend most of the rest of his day watching the neighbor’s cat or daydreaming about the Poodle down the street. Sure, there are lots of dogs around who can scare a burglar with a loud, deep bark in the middle of the night. Their teeth might even make an intruder think twice about ever coming back! But do you really want to put your best friend in harm’s way? The fact is that if someone breaks into your home they may be armed. If your dog confronts them, he could be injured – or worse.

Why You Should Get a Home Alarm

Mr. Alarm works 24/7. He’s not distracted by “Mr. Squeeker,” the toy that drives you crazy. He doesn’t snooze on the job. He doesn’t take vacations, doesn’t complain or get sick … and he’s very good at calling the cops, alerting the fire department if there is a fire, and many other things your dog can’t do.

Many law enforcement and other security professionals appreciate dogs in the home but they believe that security systems are more effective at keeping burglars away. Security cameras and motion detectors can make a big difference. Some insurance agencies will even offer discounts on your home owner’s insurance if you have a security system. That’s not the case if you have a dog protecting your home.

Of course, you can have the best of both worlds: Install a good security system in your home to keep you and your dogs safe!