How to Remove Dog Urine and Poop Smells from Your Yard

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Dogs love to be outdoors. During the summer months, many pooches while the hours away racing around their yards and tagging along with their owners on outdoor adventures such as walks along the beach, strolls through the woods, and even picnics in the park. However, there is a down side to dog ownership when it comes to Fido’s time spent outdoors. Urine and poop leave unpleasant residue in your yard. Urine, in particular,  gives way to grass stains and a pungent odor that is hard on the nose and even harder on your lawn with yellowed, burnt grass bearing the evidence of being your dog’s favorite “watering hole.” Fecal matter is also known to leave behind its own unique trace even after it has been cleaned up and properly disposed of.  Since both urine and feces mark your lawn with their scent, your dog will be drawn to those places time and again to “refresh” faded fragrances, meaning those lawn odors will be with you to stay. Many homeowners wonder if there is a way to have a household with pets and still enjoy a yard that smells more like a garden and less like a sewer. Is there a way to safely remove dog urine and poop smells from your yard?

The Most Effective Do It Yourself Treatments for Urine and Poop Odor Removal from Grass

Though we welcome the brilliant, warm rays of the sun, the sun magnifies remaining urine and feces stains left behind in our lawns, making it feel like you need a gas mask if you hope to enjoy a beautiful day relaxing in your yard. Thankfully, finding the stink-infested areas is a simple task since both urine and feces tend to scald grass, turning it a shade of yellow or brown. However, dogs don’t always limit themselves to grass when it comes to the ideal place to relieve themselves. Sometimes your trees, cement patio stones, and even wooden decks are the “object” of Fido’s peeing affection and also require cleaning and treatment to remove lingering odors which contribute to the foul smell in your yard.

Here are some effective home remedies you can try to help reduce and even eliminate unpleasant yard odors from dog pee and poop:

  • Lemon dish detergent

Dish soap isn’t just for getting your pots and pans clean. Lemon-scented dish detergent, when mixed with a small amount of white vinegar, is an excellent eco-friendly odor remover for your yard. Simply mix a small amount of vinegar into a spray bottle filled with some lemon dish soap and shake to combine well. Spray over affected areas in your yard. Rinse well with cool water from your garden hose and allow to dry naturally.

  • Garden lime

The same product used to help created the correct pH level to support optimal plant health also helps to neutralize unpleasant smells such as urine and feces. Sprinkle generously on areas bearing traces of odor or staining and allow to penetrate.

  • Continuous watering

Lawns need regular watering to flourish. However, there is a greater advantage to making use of a sprinkler system when it comes to battling pet odors. By employing an oscillating sprinkler daily, your yard will receive continuous water to help lessen the concentration of urine residue. This constant watering allows for dilution of the urine. Over time, the unpleasant smell dissipates into the earth and is completely removed.

  • Baking soda

A natural deodorizer, a healthy dose of baking soda is also an excellent way to cut down on the foul smells in your yard or garden. Unlike other home remedies, baking soda requires a “setting” period to be most effective. Apply generously to stinky spots and allow to rest undisturbed for a minimum of an hour. To remove stains and smells from cement or wood, you may need to work the baking soda into the surface prior to the rest period.

Commercial Solutions to Persistent Yard Odor Problems

Sometimes stains and smells can stubbornly refuse even the most effective home remedies and a commercial treatment is necessary to restore the fragrance of freshly cut grass and aromatic roses to your yard and garden. If you share your home with pets, you will need to take care that the odor removal solution you select is safe for use around your dog or cat. Many odor treatments contain harsh chemicals which could cause your pets to become ill if ingested or even if the solution comes in contact with their skin. For best results, always carefully read the label of each product you are considering using, staying on the lookout for possible side effects and inherent warnings.

In searching for the right product for your property, bear in mind that there are two main types of odor treatments. Odor neutralizers are the most effective form of treatment as they don’t just hide a scent, they actually break down the enzymes within a smell to help eradicate it entirely. By comparison, masking agents simply work to cover up odors but do nothing to remove them. Over time, an odor neutralizer will eliminate the source of the smell. A masking agent will need to be reapplied frequently to continue to disguise an order and replace it with something more pleasing to inhale.

Among the pet waste odor removal solutions we recommend are:

  • Odor Destroyer

Odor Destroyer was designed specifically to address stubborn odors outside the home. This product is considered more effective than garden lime and is completely safe and non-toxic for every member of the household whether canine, feline, or human.

  • SCOE 10X

SCOE 10 X is a concentrated solution which is highly effective at removing even the most stubborn urine and feces smells. Its reputation for quickly and safely eliminating unpleasant odors has earned it popularity with homeowners throughout the United States.

  • Yard Odor Killer Stool and Urine Deodorizer

Yard Odor Killer Stool and Urine Deodorizer earns high marks for its efficacy and ease of use. Simply attach the container directly to your garden hose and spray away. The product is non-toxic, and thus, is an excellent resource for use around children, dogs, and cats. Yard Odor Killer Stool and Urine Deodorizer is effective at removing smells on any outdoor surface including lawn furniture, patio stones, trees, and more.

  • OdoBan

A powerful enzymatic cleaner, Odoban is an excellent deodorizer used by pet loving families to remove unpleasant smells from their homes, yards, and gardens.

Has your yard got a powerful urine or poop smell that has you longing for the return of winter? If so, try one of our home or commercial remedies to get your backyard smelling April fresh once again!



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  1. My backyard neighbors have 7 dogs and their property is only approx 1′ away from my property and 4′ from my deck. The stench is so redicously disgusting that I cannot enjoy my deck or backyard at all. I tried to reason with my neighbor but he is so unreasonable and disrespectful that I am even afraid to call the health dept. . Is there anything I can use to take the smell away from my yard so I can at least take care of my yard. He also does not pick up the poop on a regular basis. Also it cannot be healthy to breath that terrible odor. HELP

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