Promoting Your Home as Pet Friendly When Selling Your House

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Preparing your home for sale is a daunting task. Projects long left undone suddenly become a huge priority, and some days it seems there are simply not enough hours in the day to accomplish all that needs to be completed in order to land a sale. In today’s housing market, many pet owners are looking for homes that are not only conducive to family living but that also make pet ownership a little simpler. Homes that have certain pet friendly amenities have a competitive edge. With 61 percent of homeowners owning one or more pets, emphasizing your home’s pet friendly advantages could go a long way to selling your home more quickly.

Marketing to the Pet Friendly Buyer

Advertising your home for the pet-friendly buying market doesn’t have to be as difficult or expensive as you might think. Sometimes little touches add up to a whole lot of interest.

Looking to appeal to an entirely different kind of buyer? By taking the time to try to think through the amenities that would impress you as a homeowner with pets, you can begin to make a few “upgrades” to your home that will attract the right kind of interested party.

Here are some things that you can do that give you a lot of “bang for your buck” when it comes to targeting pet friendly buyers for your home:

Product placement counts
Companies like Pepsi, Coke, and many others have long known the impact of placing their product in the precise locale for maximum impact. It is the same game in the real estate market. Pet owners are looking for those little, special touches that speak volumes to them. With this in mind, it might be time to update a few of Fido’s belongings.

One of the biggest items that makes a statement to pet-loving potential homeowners is the presence of fresh water in a particularly attractive dog bowl. If you’ve been delaying purchasing that rhinestone-encrusted, hot pink water bowl for Fifi, now is the time to splurge!

Things like comfortable throw rugs or a deluxe dog bed placed in strategic areas of your home also make a big impression on families looking to purchase a new home for Fido and the family to enjoy. In addition to this, simple things like a leash or a framed photo of your beloved pet also scores high marks with potential buyers.

Host pet friendly open houses/showings
Want to make a friend for life? Open your home to not just potential buyers but also to their pets! By offering an open invitation for families to bring their pets to examine your home, you engender good will. Pet owners love to associate with other pet owners. Simply by displaying a willingness for Fido and Frisky to explore what might become their new home, you will make a positive connection with the family and start off on the right foot.

Install a fence
Though some dogs can be trusted to stay on their property even when unsupervised, most dogs do not possess this capability. For this reason, one of the biggest selling features your home can have is a secure fence. Unfortunately, if your yard is large, fencing the entire property may simply be too far outside of your budget. If this is the case for you, consider fencing a portion of the yard that could serve as a dog run. Any enclosure which allows Fido to be outside and which also permits owners to have no fear of his escape is bound to earn you a big check mark on the pro side of the list when it comes to potential home purchases.

Eliminate pet odors
Though pet owners love pets, they don’t want to smell the evidence of yours! The easiest way to kill a deal is for your home to elicit an unpleasant dog or kitty aroma. For best results, make use of an enzymatic cleaner to remove any lingering pet smells. You can also purchase items such as Scentsy warmers or candles which will help keep your home fragrant and inviting.

Prepare an area in your yard for easy cleaning of waste
Some home owners train their pets to use specific areas of the yard when in need of a potty break. This ensures the remainder of the yard is free from waste and also makes cleaning up feces much simpler. Consider adding an area to your yard that is sand or gravel-based to accommodate Fido and Frisky’s bathroom needs.

Emphasize the pet-friendly positives

Is your home near to a wonderful vet clinic or training facility? Is there a dog park or community dog walking group nearby? Pet owners love to learn of opportunities in your neighborhood that welcome pets. Taking the time to draw attention to the pet amenities in the near vicinity of your home can  be tremendously beneficial to busy families who love to engage with Fido but may not have the time to travel far to do so.

Some Other Considerations

Even though you love your pets and want to make your home as hospitable as possible to canine and feline visitors, not all of the people who will consider buying your home are comfortable interacting with YOUR pets. Still, Fido and Frisky are part of your family and until a deal is inked, your home remains their home. What can a home owner do with their pets during a showing?

Here are some suggestions:

Consider boarding your pets.
Fair or not fair, pet owners who deeply love their own pets may not appreciate encountering yours during a showing. Since shuffling pets back and forth is not an ideal situation for the emotional stability of your pet, it may be wise to consider sending them to a boarding kennel for a few weeks or even leaving them with family or a friend. This allows your pets to settle without the upheaval of strangers continually in and out of their home.

Hide cat litter boxes.
While cat litter boxes are part and parcel of owning a cat, they are unpleasant to look at, and even when kept pristinely clean, give the illusion of odor if not an actual scent. Choose a remote closet or even make use of an obscure area of the laundry room to hide your cat’s litter box until showings are over.

Ensure floors are free from stains and odors.
Pet owners are going to be especially alert and looking for signs of pet wear and tear on your home. Take care to ensure that all stains to carpeting and other flooring is treated and removed. In addition to this, enzymatic pet cleaners help to remove any lingering odors in your home such as pet urine which can be particularly pungent and off-putting.

Place your pet in a pet carrier during showings.
Nothing ruins a showing faster than an overexuberant pet or one that bolts out the door and down the road when the first guest arrives. For this reason, make use of a pet carrier to help keep Fido and Frisky safe and secure during showings at your home. If you do not want your pet disturbed, cover his kennel over with a blanket or place a note on top of this crate to inform people that you prefer your pet be left to rest.

Looking to sell your house? Going pet friendly can give you a leg up on the competition! Consider implementing some of these suggestions today.



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