Popular Pet Names

Naming a pet is almost as difficult as naming a child, maybe even more so as they have so much personality when you get them. It is for that reason that the team at the Pet Friendly House put together a wide a wide selection of pet names to help you decide on the perfect name for your dog, cat, bird or even your fish

Naming Dogs, Cats, Birds and Fish

Picture of a German Shepherd

German Dog Names

If you’re adding a dog to your home, you’ve likely been on the hunt for

Picture of a Bichon Frise

French Dog Names

If you are obsessed with French culture and you’ve always wanted to visit Paris or

Picture of a solider and his dog

Military Dog Names

Dogs have a long history of serving the military with distinction and courage. German Shepherds,

Dog wearing funny googles

Nerdy Pet Names

Since we live in a very technological age, nerdy pet names are very popular today.

Picture of a Dog Wearing a Funny Hat

Cute Pet Names

If you are looking for the cutest name for your dog, cat, bird or fish,

Picture of a male dog with it owner

Male Dog Names

If you are looking for name for a male puppy or grown dog, you’ve came