Owning More Than A Cat

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Cats generally hunt alone, but it doesn’t mean they like to live alone. Cats aren’t loners like some people mistakenly assume. They also deserve the benefit of socializing with other felines.

Running a household with multiple-cat takes some organization and extra work, but it is definitely worth the trouble, especially when you look at some of the positive effects of owning cats on yourself and your resident cat(s).

Benefits Of Owning More Than A Cat

Your cats can chase away one another’s boredom; get entertained by playing and cuddling. They can provide fun for one another and they get to learn about hunting and social skills.

An online cat video reveals how watching cats along can help viewers to boost their energy levels, which is a great way to and create positive emotions.

Pets, such as cats, give social support to their owners during difficult times and its easier to talk to something that won’t respond or judge you the way another human might.

It’s also easier to get a date this way since women have the impression that men that own pets are “nicer” and responsible.

Cats can literally save your life and they make the best sleeping partners.

The Cons To Consider Before Adopting More Cats

ASPCA reveals that owning a cat can cost you about $1035 per year. So, owning two can be pretty expensive. However, it can’t be as expensive as owning a dog.

Taking care of multiple cats can be time consuming. It will take a while for the cats to play nice, unlike dogs that are usually fast friends.

In summary, the things you should consider before adopting a second cat is money, time and your resident cat’s personality.

How To Select Your Next Cat

Owning more than one cat presents its own challenges. Cat owners do go through the challenge with behavior problems, but there’s no way they are giving them up because they love their cats.

Most times, pet owners want to make everything fast and expect instant friendship. But it doesn’t come easily. You shouldn’t take this process lightly. However, with some basic about the culture of cat can help you solve a lot of problems.

Pets such as cats are territorial. So, consider the resident cat. Cats sometimes see a new cat as an invasion and it results in social frustration, which leads to overeating, house soiling, constipation, excessive grooming, vomiting, social withdrawal and so on.

They take their claims by spraying and scratching or with scent-marking on their tails, feet, chins or faces. Also, if new cats do not like a place, they may hide or fight frequently that they would end up ignoring the litter box.

So, if you are thinking of adopting a second cat or more, the following tips can help establish a peaceful home of multi-cat.

Worry less about the cats’ gender; temperament and age are more important.

For adult cats, getting a new kitten will be better. The best way to do this is to adopt cats around the same age and energy levels. If you currently have no cats, adopt adults or littermates from the same household.

If you are choosing from a group of kittens, stay away from the ones that growl, hiss or fight with their mates.

Monitor the new cat’s first encounter with the resident cat and limit their initial time together. Distract them if they fight and separate them by luring them back into their rooms. Make sure you constantly provide supervised meeting between both cats and pay attention to any signs of aggression and tension.

Maintain Good Hygiene. Cats are intensely private, so separate areas, separate litter boxes, and separate food stations. Confine the new cat to a sanctuary room until your vet has examined him.

“Accidents” should be cleaned immediately and thoroughly.

Give them lots of exercise. Play with them. You can throw toy mice or lightweight balls for them.

Get routine immunization and regular veterinary care for them. Don’t use drugs without consulting with the vet first.

Keep chemicals and toxic plants out reach for your cats.

Don’t bring in adult male cats if they have not been neutered. This helps you avoid spraying.


It is not all cats that are inherently social. However, a lot of them thrive greatly when they are among their own kind. When you are getting a second cat or more, make a thoughtful selection and I hope you have been able to learn some tips on how to make that happen here.

This way, you will be able to increase the chances you have of creating feline harmony. Don’t forget to give your resident cat the security of its usual routine along with the usual special time you have with him.

This process normally takes about 2-4 weeks and your “success” doesn’t mean the cats will become best buddies. It’s just difficult for some cats to peacefully coexist.



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