Top 10 Largest Domesticated Cat Breeds

Picture of a Maine Coon Cat

Are you a fan of big cats? Do you like your kitties gigantic or enormous? If so, this is the list for you! For your viewing pleasure, here are ten of the largest domesticated cat breeds in the entire world.

Savannah Cat

The Savannah Cat is recognized worldwide as the largest of all domestic cat breeds. Never heard of the Savannah? That might be because the breed is a fairly recent addition to cat breeds, and came about from crossing a domestic Siamese cat and an African wild cat known as the Serval. It is a more commonly seen breed in the United States than in the United Kingdom. The cat varies in weight, weighing in at up to 30 lbs. Its height can be as tall as 19 inches and it can grow to be the size of a small dog!

In 2011, a Savannah Cat named Scarlett’s Magic won the Guinness World Record for tallest domesticated cat in the world, measuring 18.07 inches tall. She also won longest cat in the world at that time, at 42.72 inches long (although she no longer holds that record – see the Maine Coon below).

More fun facts about Savannah Cats:

  • They tend to be fond of water
  • Their personalities are dog-like, being social and playful
  • They are quite intelligent
  • They are very athletic
  • They come in different colors such as golden with black spots, black, brown, silver and smocked
  • They are expensive (selling from $1000 to $4000 for lower generations up to $17,000 to $22,000 for first-generation Savannah cats!)

Maine Coon

The largest domestic cat breed not related to ancestral wild cats, the Maine Coon is a friendly and loving cat. Its females can weigh 10 to 15 lbs. and males, 15 to 25 lbs. In addition to their weight, Maine Coon cats are long, tall kitties. Some of them have record-long tails as well.

The longest domestic cat, according to the Guinness Book of World Records, was a Maine Coon named Barivel from Italy who measured 3 feet 11.2 inches long in 2018!

Here are some more things you might not know about Maine Coon cats:

  • They are native to Maine, and might descend from cats that were shipped by Queen Marie Antoinette to Wiscasset, Maine during the French Revolution
  • Their furry coats and long hair developed to help them survive harsh winters in Maine
  • They are quite affectionate kitties
  • They come in colors- brown being predominant, but also smoke, cameo, cream, tortoiseshell and mackerel
  • They are Maine’s official state cat
  • They are the fifth most popular breed in the U.S. as of 2018, according to Cat Fanciers Association


Another fairly rare breed, the Chausie (pronounced chow-see) is seen more often in France, and descend from jungle cats. (This breed was created when a domestic cat was crossed with a wild jungle cat). It is the first domestic/jungle cat breed officially recorded by The International Cat Association in 1995.

Females can weigh 8 to 15 lbs. and males can weigh up to 25 lbs. They resemble their jungle ancestors with their long legs and lithe bodies.

Other interesting information about the Chausie:

  • They come in three patterns – grizzled tabby, brown-ticked tabby and solid black
  • They are assertive and social, but quite loyal to loved ones
  • They also have very deep chests and can therefore take deep breaths.
  • They are easily trainable, athletic, and intelligent


Large and longhaired, the Ragdoll is a calm, kind, easygoing, quiet cat who makes a great companion. Females can grow 10 to 15 lbs. while males can reach 15 to 20 lbs. Ragdolls are often 17 to 21 inches long (not including their tails). They are referred to as Ragdoll due to their tendency to go limp in a human’s arms once picked up.

What else would you like to know about the Ragdoll?

  • They commonly live 12 to 17 years
  • They originated in Riverside, California in the 1960s
  • They are gentle, laid-back kitties with quiet personalities who love to cuddle with humans
  • Their coats come in six colors (seal, blue chocolate, lilac, red and cream) and four patterns (bicolor, van, mitted and colorpoint)
  • They are prone to hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, an inherited form of heart disease


A close cousin to the Ragdoll, the Ragamuffin can take four years to reach full adult weight. Females weigh from 10 to 15 lbs. and males weigh up to 20 lbs. The Ragamuffin doesn’t go limp when held, like the Ragdoll, but is a quiet, even-tempered cat.

Ragamuffin cats also:

  • Love to be held, like their cousins the Ragdolls
  • Are medium to long-haired but pretty self-sufficient in daily grooming, requiring brushing every few days
  • Come in just about every color, with the most popular being blue, tortoiseshell, brown tabby with white, and mink
  • Are great with children

Norwegian Forest Cat

Originating in Norway, the Norwegian Forest Cat is a long-haired cat who thrives in colder climates. It is a long, tall, strong, muscular cat whose females weigh up to 15 lbs. and males up to 22 lbs. This is a natural, not man-made, breed of cat that is called Skogkatt in Norway.

Norwegian Forest Cats also:

  • Are gentle and friendly
  • Can still be independent and entertain themselves
  • Are not as much of a lap cat as some other breeds
  • Are athletic and climbers


From Russia with love, the Siberian cat is a good choice for those who are allergic to kitties (as they produce less of the protein that commonly triggers allergies). This sturdy, chunky kitty can weigh up to 12 lbs. (females) and 17 lbs. (males).

Other information you might not know about the Siberian cat:

  • Their coats are typically white, black, blue, red, cream or silver with varied patterns
  • Their coat is water-resistant
  • They are also called Siberian Forest Cat or Moscow Longhair
  • They take up to five years to reach adult maturity and size

American Bobtail

The largest of all of the Bobtail varieties of cat, the American Bobtail’s females grow up to 11 lbs. and males up to 16 lbs. This is partly due to the cat’s ancestors, which include big domestic breeds like the Siamese, Himalayan and Birman.

What else would you like to know about the American Bobtail?

  • They are very intelligent
  • They have loving personalities and are interactive with their human families
  • They take up to three years to reach full adult size
  • They were developed through natural selection to survive feral environments

Turkish Van

Native to Turkey, the Turkish Van often loves water and has been called the “swimming cat.” Females of this variety commonly weigh 7 to 12 lbs., and males reach 10 to 20 lbs. The Turkish Van won’t reach its full size until it is three to five years old.

Other information about the Turkish Van:

  • Their eyes are usually amber or blue
  • They live from 13 to 17 years on average
  • They are white with dark coloring on their head and tail, occasionally also on the back of the neck (known as the Van pattern)
  • They are energetic, fun-loving, playful cats

British Shorthair

Sweet and well-tempered, the British Shorthair is a good choice for a family cat. It is a tall cat, standing 12 to 14 inches high, and long, with a body length of 22 to 25 inches. The British Shorthair typically weighs from 7 to 17 lbs. (females on the smaller end, males on the heavier range of that scale).

The British Shorthair also:

  • Is highly intelligent
  • Is very affectionate, but not usually a lap cat
  • Is playful but not destructive
  • Comes in a wide variety of colors and patterns



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