Kidney Walk

Image of david and his family

I am taking part in Kidney March – a 3 day, 100 km journey from Kananaskis to Calgary. This is more than just a walk. This is big. I am joining hundreds of others as a united front against kidney disease.

Why am I Walking
9 years ago I had a kidney transplant in Calgary AB. Like many people, I didn’t know I had kidney problem. After having a bad headache for a couple weeks and feeling cold, I went to a walk in clinic to see if they could help me deal with the headaches, that afternoon I was in CCU. Turns out my kidneys were only functioning at 13%. I was fortunate, shortly after the bad news, my sister Brenda stepped up and offered to donate a kidney to me. Her gift has enabled me to have a normal life, to be able to spend time with our children, work and avoid dialysis.

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