Is Your Company Pet Friendly?

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Are you a pet friendly company, or are you considering becoming one?  If so, The Pet Friendly House wants to hear from you!  By sending a short profile detailing your company, your services, and your approach to pets in your workplace, you enable us to promote your business on our website section titled Pet Friendly Companies-Bringing Fido to Work. The information you send us will be added to our Pet Friendly Companies section: free of charge.

What are the benefits of being a pet-friendly company?

There are many benefits to choosing to welcome pets into your business.

Among the top ones are:

Stress relief
Research shows that time spent with pets has a positive effect on stress levels. The act of simply petting or cuddling with a beloved furry friend reduces the levels of cortisol in the body, thus increasing feelings of relaxation and calmness. Employees who are less anxious and tense are much better equipped to think clearly and efficiently manage their workloads.

Improved mood
Leading scientists have long believed that people who own pets enjoy improved mental health and cognitive function.  Both are desired qualities in the workplace.

Those who interact with animals on a daily basis show signs of reduced anxiety, improved attitude, and more refined task-related skills; all positives when it comes to your business.

Increased health benefits
It has long been observed that those who own pets experience increased health benefits. Among the positives those who enjoy time with animals receive are improved heart health, reduced blood pressure levels, increased cognitive ability and concentration, lower cholesterol, and greater overall physical fitness.

Convenient for pet owners
Many pet owners cannot leave their animals home alone while they go to work.  Because of this, workplaces that allow their employees to bring their pets to work with them are particularly appealing to the pet-loving crowd.  Encouraging employees to do this improves relationships between leadership and staff as the staff feel that management has a greater understanding and concern for them, their needs, and their interests.

The ability to bring a pet into the workplace also eliminates costly daily fees to pet day care centers and dog walkers to keep Fido from getting bored and becoming destructive in the home.

Draws a younger crowd
The younger working generation not only owns pets, but they also tend to prefer having multiples of them. They are drawn to businesses that are progressive in their approach to 21st century working conditions.  Since youth is the future of all business, the pet friendly company has a leg up on the competition when it comes to attraction and retention rates.  If you care about what your employees care about, it will be that much easier to draw the right kind of people to your business then to keep them there once you’ve hired and trained them.

But more than this, allowing pets into your business also draws a younger customer base with similar interests to those of your younger staff.  Pet friendly policies provide much positive publicity for your business, and you then become hallmarked as an employer who not only cares about producing a quality product but who also takes pride in caring for your staff and what is important to them.

For more information about how your company can obtain its free listing in our web-based directory of pet friendly companies, contact us at:  We love to show our support for pet loving businesses like yours!



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