Home & Pet Insurance

We all hope that nothing bad ever happens to our pets – or because of our pets. Insurance, whether it’s pet insurance to cover our pet’s health, or home and liability insurance to protect us in case our pet hurts someone, are subjects every pet owner should consider today.
Picture of a husky at the vet

Pet Insurance

There is nothing more heartbreaking than seeing your pet sick, whether it’s from eating something they shouldn’t, being hit by a car, or cancer. Many pets need an unexpected trip to the vet at some time during their life. Not every owner has the resources to pay for expensive veterinary treatments. Pet insurance can cover your pet’s care during these crises so you don’t have to limit the care your furry loved one receives…. more

Picture of dog in the living room with his family

Home & Liability Insurance

It may be hard to believe but even the sweetest dog or cat can hurt someone under some conditions. It could be an accident. Your pet might react out of pain or confusion. Your pet might believe he is defending you. The person could be a friend or a perfect stranger. But it happens to people all the time. That’s why every pet owner should have liability insurance so they are protected. We can tell you some of the things that could increase your liability and how to improve things for you and your dog… more