How Much Does a Purebred Cat Cost?

Picture of an American Shorthair Cat

If you’re considering buying a purebred cat, let me first ask you to stop and consider, instead, adopting a cat from a shelter. There are millions of shelter cats in need of good homes all across the globe, just waiting for a loving cat owner to adopt them. If, however, you are determined to buy a purebred cat, make sure to buy one from a registered breeder. Purchasing a purebred cat in this manner ensures that you will be given the cat’s papers, as well as likely receiving a kitten or cat who has already received its vaccinations, been spayed or neutered, and is microchipped.  In this post we will discuss the costs associated with purchasing a purebred cat.

Why are Purebred Cats So Expensive?

Think about the benefits that you, the buyer, gain from buying a purebred cat from a registered breeder, which are listed above. It costs a lot to have cats spayed, neutered, vaccinated, microchipped and to ensure that they are healthy before they are sold. This is all taken into account in the price that a registered breeder will charge you for a purebred cat.

In addition to benefiting from the convenience of having much of its veterinary care completed prior to purchasing a purebred cat, registered cat breeders will also test for genetic and hereditary diseases that are common to certain breeds of cats.

Breeders must also pay registration fees, which means that they must register with a cat breed council located within their home country. They must maintain annual registration through fees as well. These cat councils were designed to advance a particular breed and create the best possible offspring. In the end, you, the purebred cat buyer, will benefit from this.

Choosing a Breed That You Can Afford

Certain breeds of cat cost more than others. Keep that in mind when deciding upon which purebred cat to purchase. Examples of some of the more expensive breeds and their cost, from most expensive to least expensive, are as follows:

Most Expensive Breeds

  • Ashera – This breed of cat costs between $75,000 and $125,000. It is a controversial breed as well, as many cat buyers believe that the Ashera is really the Savannah, another less expensive (but still pricy) breed of cat, and that they are therefore getting cheated by buying the Ashera. It is a beautiful cat, however, resembling a snow leopard, and very rare, with few being bred each year.
  • Savannah – The second most costly breed of cat you can buy, the Savannah, costs about $25,000 (as you can see, big difference from the Ashera, which many believe is just a Savannah in disguise). This cat is a cross between a domestic house cat and a Serval and is quite distinctive, resembling a wild cat. The Savannah is known to form close bonds with its owners and has an assertive personality.
  • Bengal – The Bengal cat runs from $2000 to $5000, and is immediately recognizable among cat breeds. It looks like an exotic leopard, and has been bred to have a calm personality. The Bengal has been known to bond with its owners as well.
  • Persian– Another well-known breed, the Persian costs about $3000. It has long been a symbol of luxury, owned by many aristocrats throughout history. The Persian is said to have a good disposition and laid-back attitude, but does require daily brushing to keep its fur from matting.
  • Peterbald – This Russian breed runs from $1700 to $3000 and may be hairless or have a type of peach fuzz fur. Peterbalds are affectionate, playful cats.
  • Maine Coon – The Maine Coon is a more commonly known and more affordable breed, but still priced from $1000 to $3500. Its rugged, shaggy, long-haired look stems from its being bred to withstand Maine winters. The Maine Coon is known to be laid back and a good companion to kids.
  • California Spangled – This domestic breed of cat runs from $800 to $3000 and has an exotic look. It likes to climb and is known to be a friendly, outgoing cat.
  • Russian Blue – The beautiful Russian Blue costs between $400 and $3000 and is known to be an intelligent, aloof cat.
  • Exotic Shorthairs – Private breeders can charge $1600 for a purebred exotic shorthair kitten, while a rescue’s adoption fees, on the other hand, might range from $150 to $300.
  • Scottish Fold– These cute cats with their trademark folded ears are priced between $800 and $1500. It is known to be outgoing and affectionate.
  • American Curl – The American Curl runs from $800 to $1200 and has curled ears, a bit like the Scottish Fold. It a friendly, affectionate breed.
  • Sphynx – The hairless Sphynx costs from $900 to $1200 and is a cuddler, often liking to sleep with its owners during naptime and bedtime. It is also known to be a playful breed of cat.
  • British Shorthair – This breed of cat runs from $800 to $1000 and is known to be laid-back and intelligent, easily bonding with its owners.
  • Ocicat – The Ocicat costs about $800 and looks exotic but has been bred domestically, making it an affectionate, loving breed of cat.
  • Korat – The Korat, a breed originally from Thailand, costs between $600 and $800. It is an energetic cat who loves to play.
  • Egyptian Mau – This breed of cat costs from $500 to $800 and is known to be a shyer cat who is affectionate and forms strong bonds with its owner.

Least Expensive Breeds

  • Snowshoe – Costing from $200 to $1000, this breed of cat is best known for its silky coat and white feet. Its temperament varies from aloof to affectionate.
  • Burmese – The Burmese cat costs between $550 and $1000 and is known as a friendly breed. Abyssinian – This playful, energetic cat costs between $500 and $700 and resembles a bobcat.
  • American Bobtail – This cat, which runs from $500 to $700, is intelligent and affectionate.
  • Manx – The tailless Manx costs from $200 to $500 and is a fun-loving, intelligent breed of cat.
  • Turkish Van – This breed of cat costs $200 to $600 and is known to be adventurous explorers who also like to play in water.
  • Siamese – The Siamese runs from $200 to $600 and is a popular, affectionate breed originally from Siam.
  • Ragdoll – This cat, who runs from $400 to $1100, is an affectionate companion with a pleasant disposition.
  • Oriental Shorthair– This breed of cat costs from $400 to $500 and resembles the Siamese cat.
  • Birman – The Birman costs from $400 to $700 and has long, silky fur that requires brushing weekly.
  • Havana Brown – This breed of cat runs from $300 to $500. Havana Browns are known to be curious, fun-loving cats.
  • Munchkin – The Munchkin runs from $300 to $500 and has shorter legs than the average cat. It is a playful cat that is great with children.
  • Himalayan – Costing from $300 to $500, the Himalayan is a popular breed of cat that is affectionate, and requires daily brushing to prevent matted fur.



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