Bring on the Turkey

Thanksgiving encourages us to eat too much and do too little. This time of year there is often lots of company, perhaps some travel, and usually way too much food. For your dog, the temptation of the turkey and other foods cooking in your kitchen can be overwhelming. Vets report an increase in emergency visits for pets that coincides with our Thanksgiving feasts. More than half of people surveyed say that they share some of their Thanksgiving meal with their pets. Unfortunately, some foods and scraps can be dangerous for our furry family members.

We can tell you which foods are safe for your pets to eat and which ones they should avoid. We have safe treat recipes for your pets so they can enjoy Thanksgiving without drooling next to your dinner table while you eat. We can even help you find some fun costumes if you would like your dog or cat to dress up like a Pilgrim for Thanksgiving. And, as always, we would love to see your pets enjoying Thanksgiving in our photo gallery.