Picture of a Boston Terrier at Halloween

Trick or Treat Mr. Hound

Halloween can be lots of fun for your furry family members. While we usually think of candy and kids on Halloween, your cat or dog can enjoy the holiday, too. Your black cat may look scary in the window and your dog may bark his head off every time the doorbell rings with trick or treaters at the door, but we can offer some suggestions for your pet to enjoy a fun and safe Halloween.

Halloween is a great time to dress up your pet in a cute costume, take some fun pics, and enjoy the spooky festivities. That said, there are a few precautions to consider and we will cover them here. Provisions include choosing a costume that won’t be stressful for your pet, avoiding candies and any treats with artificial sweeteners, making sure you and your pet are wearing reflective lights if you’re going out at night, and much more. We’ll also offer some scary treat recipes, share your fun pics, and post our Halloween contest for pets.

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