Bring on the Bunny

Easter is usually a more relaxed holiday for pets. As we all know, the Easter Bunny does make an appearance. Candy is a no-go for pets but searching for Easter eggs is something that many dogs can get behind. If your dog is searching for Easter eggs which Mr. Bunny (or you) have kindly hidden for  him, he may not need a basket, however. He may gobble down any egg he finds! You can have the same fun dyeing colored eggs for your pets that you have with kids. You can also fill an Easter basket with fun treats and toys for your pet to celebrate the holiday.

Let us help you make sure that Easter is fun for you, the kids, and your pets by pointing out some of the less obvious hazards. You can also be part of our Easter photo gallery. How does your pet look wearing bunny ears? Check out our Easter contest, too!