Christmas with Pets

Ho Ho Ho Mr. Claus

Christmas can be a happy time for pets. There are often tasty treats and toys for them under the tree. At this time of the year pet owners often set out a stocking, fill it with treats, toys, and perhaps even some cool pet clothes or a handsome new collar. Kids are home from school and the family often spends more time at home which can comfort a pet.

With all that said, Christmas can also be a difficult time for some pets. Bright lights, shiny ornaments, cords, tinsel, nuts and candy left lying out… sometimes it’s sensory overload for a pet. Or, maybe you are having holiday parties at your home and too many guests upset your cat or dog. The holidays can be stressful for pets, too. We can help you navigate this potential minefield for your four-legged family members so you and your pets can enjoy Christmas together.

Present Ideas