Hinchcliff & Lee

Picture of Golden Retriever at at store in Calgary

The influence of Asian culture in North America has exploded in recent years. John Lowry, owner of Hinchcliff & Lee, having grown-up in Beijing and Hong Kong has developed a tremendous respect and passion for the Chinese way of life; in particular, the ways it has been reflected in China’s art and culture over the centuries.

Hinchcliff & Lee as a family owned business (est. 1990 in Toronto, est. 2000 in Calgary) offers an exquisite collection of eighteenth to twentieth century Asian furniture, porcelain, art and architectural. Sharing his time between Calgary and Asia, John painstakingly searches out each piece handpicking them with a practiced and knowledgeable eye.

Collect serenity … visit our showroom in the heart of trendy Inglewood.

Website: www.hinchcliffandlee.com

Come in and Meet Cash

Name: Cash (named after his Grampa Cash)

Age: 4 3/4 (birthday is May 18 2013 … funny, it was the same day that I summited Mt. Everest on the Hypoxic Everest Expedition)

Breed: English Golden Retriever

Breeder: Auburnmist Goldens. He’s the son of Tom and K.O. (Knockout).

Favourite Toy: Price and sold tags in the store (when customers come in the store he gets excited and sometimes pulls tags off furniture and brings them to customers). A close 2nd are Avenue magazines from the rack. We’ve tried for years to have him use toys instead of tags/magazines, but it’s a work in progress.

Can Often Be Found: In the winter when the shop door is closed, he can be found in the front display window watching people or sleeping (some people think that he’s artificial when they walk by). We have a sign in the display window that reads “Sorry. Dog not for sale.” In the summer he can be found lying just outside the front door or, if he needs more attention, sprawled on the side walk resembling a canine speed bump for walkers by to pet.


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