5 Cool Facts About Gray Tabby Cats

Picture of a Grey Tabby Cat on white background

Many tabby cat aficionados prefer the gray tabby cat, for a variety of reasons. Gray tabbies are a pattern, not a breed of their own. Breeds in which the gray tabby cat pattern can be found include the Scottish Fold and the Domestic Shorthair, among many others.

Like most tabbies, the foreheads of gray tabby cats feature the traditional “M” marking. Their bodies are tiger striped in a gray and black (sometimes white as well) pattern. One interesting fact that you might not be aware of is that a gray tabby cat is actually a black cat with different pigments found within its fur, making it appear to be gray. If your gray tabby sheds, you will notice that individual hairs of its coat have black roots.

Whether you prefer to call your tabby cat “gray” or “grey,” both words describe the same color. The spelling “gray” is most commonly used in the United States, while “grey” is used in the United Kingdom. Following are some facts you might not know about gray tabby cats.

What Patterns are Found Among Gray Tabby Cats?

Gray tabby cats can sport any of the five patterns of tabby cat coats. These include classic or blotched, mackerel, spotted, patched, and ticked. Variations in coat patterns make each gray tabby cat its own unique individual, and create beautiful markings.

What Are the Most Common Eye Colors in a Gray Tabby Cat?

Gray tabbies can have various eye colors, as fur color and eye color are not necessarily linked. The color of your gray tabby cat’s eyes is determined by genetics and the amount of melanin in its body.

What Color is a Gray Tabby Cat’s Paws and Nose?

Gray tabby cats usually have gray or red colored pads on the bottoms of their paws. Nose colors vary depending upon a cat’s genes.

Are Gray Tabby Cats Most Likely to be Male or Female?

The short answer to this question is, yes. In gray tabby cats, you will find that there are an equal number of males and females in existence. The gray tabby cat pattern is found in both males and females of a variety of cat breeds.

Who are the Gray Tabby Cat’s Ancestors?

Today’s domesticated gray tabby cats are descendants of wild cats who lived in the 17th century, such as the Lynx, African wild cat, Asiatic Wild cat, European wild cat, and Scottish wild cat. When Europeans left their country to settle in North America, many of them brought their gray tabbies with them, introducing them to this continent. The markings on a gray tabby cat are beneficial as they have allowed it, over the years, to blend into its environment and be camouflaged effectively.

Do Gray Tabby Cats Have Distinctive Personality Traits?

Picture of a Grey Tabby KittenBecause gray tabby cats are so common, they are one of the most prevalent types of tabby cat that are in the world today – found among both feral and domesticated kitties. Owners of gray tabby cats claim that they are more affectionate and friendly than other types of cats. They are known to be playful, loving and warm kitties that love to cuddle up to their owners.

Another unique trait that gray tabby cat owners claim their cats have is that they love to eat. (Don’t most cats love to eat?) They are said to not be finicky cats, eating mostly anything that is set in front of them. They also will keep eating until all food is gone. It is said that gray tabby cat owners need to keep an eye on their cat’s eating habits for this reason, so that they don’t become overweight and have resulting health problems. These include diabetes, worms, urinary problems and kidney failure.

Gray tabby cats are also said to be lazy. (Again, aren’t most cats lazy?) They are also nocturnal, like other domesticated kitties, and love to run around the house and play at night while their owners are asleep. They will spend much of their daytime hours sleeping, waking up to eat.

Like all cats, gray tabbies are different from each other, with no two having exactly the same traits. Gray tabby cat owners will say that their kitties are special, and they are, especially to their owners!



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  1. I have a grey tabby she’s a kitten she likes to bite and scratch why is this she also likes to hunt for things

  2. I have a grey tabby named Smokey, named after a cat I had as a young boy. He is almost 2 and his favorite activities are chasing a simple piece of string around and pouncing on his 13 year old calico-tortie housemate who definitely puts him in his place when she gets fed up with him. He is a bit smarter than the last few cats I’ve had and more affectionate, so I know we’ll be best friends for life.

  3. I have a gray tabby named Romeo. He got his name because of how loveable he is. He is so sweet and has a wonderful personality. He is a great therapy cat too

  4. My Maroni is the sweetest cat I ever owned. He has his own language for the different things he wants. He turned 4 in September and when I found him in the street as a baby, it was definitely meant to be. I lost pets in the past but I don’t even want to think of the day I would have to say goodbye to him. I’m hoping I go before him. He plays fetch and is very finicky in what he eats. He costs me a lot of money for his selection of different foods and bags of Temptations. He is definitely worth every dime I spend for all the love, joy, and laughter he brings into my life ♥️‍⬛

  5. i’m interested in a gray tabby kitty. I saw a picture of one that said grey kitten isolated white stic. Do you have this type of grey tabby. I’d like to know the cost of these kittens. How big do they get. Please let me know. I would like a lovable and and a kitten that likes to cuddle. I’ll wait to hear from you.

  6. My grey tabby is named Sylvester. He is very sweet and affectionate. He is closer to me than my other 2 cats.

  7. Just got a black/gray tabby for my birthday. Asher gray is his name and he is super energetic and loves to aggravate my 9 year old boxer.

  8. My cat rocket is around 2.5years old. He is such a lover boy and great with my 7 year old. He is very sweet and affectionate and gets his way. He will go as far as to give silent treatment give us mean looks walk away push away when we pick him up and will flip his bowls when he’s hungry for weeks at a time if he doesn’t get his way or if we do something he doesn’t like at some point we compromise and he’s back to being a sweet lover boy. He’s definitely got the biggest personality of all cats I ever owned (along with my Russian blue). he is super spoiled loves to play fetch and tag and play in boxes. He even likes to box lol And again super affectionate he even has a nickname. Sir Puuurrrrrrr-A-Lot lol having a grey tabby male and a female Russian blue has been the best pairing full
    Of laughter cuddles and big personalities.

  9. I have a grey tabby cat named Grey-Grey seems legit on your article my cat is playful and cuddle but he also bit me sometimes seems he loves me so much and he had kidney problem lately but he’s cured he always sleep on my pillow while working at home

  10. My Whisker-Lifa is a grey tabby who likes to cuddle his humans and smack the dogs. He’s a good cat with a lot of personality.

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