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If you’re adding a dog to your home, you’ve likely been on the hunt for the perfect name for a while now. Most dog owners spend a lot of time searching for just the right “handle” for their best canine pal. After all, they have to live with that name for the life of the dog, so they want to choose something that fits their pooch to a “T.” With so many popular names to select from, many families prefer to come up with something that more accurately reflects their own personal interests; something with a unique flair. To reflect roots in their family heritage or even just their favorite place to vacation, some people like to choose common words in a different language. Using a name from another country makes an association with a culture families identify with, infusing the word with even more meaning. If you’re a fan of wienerschnitzel and Oktoberfest, a German name might be the perfect moniker for your new canine family member.

German Names for Girl Dogs

Though German doesn’t necessarily gently flow off the tongue, there are many words within the language that are quite poetic, making them a fitting tribute for a girl dog. Here are some of the most beloved names to consider for the next female pup in your life:

  • Annette—Many would mistake Annette as a French name; however, this handle is uniquely German and means the Lord has favored me.
  • Ava—Ava is a name that has become synonymous with the famous actress and paramour of Frank Sinatra, Ava Gardner. Ava stands for life.
  • Britta—A warrior name, Britta is translated to mean strength or exalted one.
  • Elsa—A name that many connect with the popular film Frozen, Elsa is a popular German name for girl dogs today. Elsa means pledged to God.
  • Heidi—Heidi brings to mind a fresh-faced, pretty youth skipping through the rolling hills of Germany. Heidi is a name with royal origins and stands for of noble birth.
  • Ursula—Ursula is a name with a Latin root that has become a popular German name for girls. Ursula translates to mean little female bear, an affectionate handle indeed.
  • Liesel—Liesel is a highly popular name for girls in Germany. Liesel means pledged to God.
  • Leona—Much like the male Leonard, Leona takes its root from the Latin word Leo, meaning lion, or in this case, lioness.

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German Names for Boy Dogs

The guttural sounds common to the German language make it particularly masculine sounding. Consider one of these German names for your next boy dog:

  • Adolph—The birth name given to Germany’s most famous chancellor, Adolf Hitler, the name “Adolph” (or Adolf) means noble wolf, a fitting name for a dog.
  • Albert—Albert is a common handle for boys with many famous people bearing this name including Albert Brooks, Albert Einstein, and Albert Schweitzer to list only a few. The name Albert translates to noble and bright. Wanting something a little more distinctive? Albrecht carries the same meaning as Albert and has a uniquely German sound to it.
  • Alger—Got a dog breed known for his protection ability? The name Alger just might fit the bill. Alger translates to clever warrior.
  • Heinrich—If Heinrich sounds like a name fit for royalty, you’ve hit the mark with this choice. Heinrich stands for home of the king. Heinrich too much of a mouthful for you? Heinz also carries the same meaning.
  • Kaiser—Kaiser is a military term meaning emperor.
  • Leonard—This name takes its root from “Leo,” meaning lion. An excellent name for a Rhodesian Ridgeback in particular, since the breed’s original purpose was to serve as a lion hunter.
  • Schwartz—This German name seems to have nothing to do with its actual meaning, and it might leave people scratching their heads in wonder at the connection between your dog and his chosen handle. Schwartz is translated as black.
  • Siegfried—A very common German name, Siegfried means victorious peace.

German Dog Names Based on Geographical Locations or Features

Many names of German cities or bodies of water have an elegance to them that make them well-suited to names for pets. Here is a list of some of the most popular geographical names from Germany for dogs:

  • Munich or Munchen—The third largest city in Germany, Munich lays claim to the famed Oktoberfest celebrations.
  • Berlin—Berlin is the capital city of Germany and is home to many interesting national monuments and museums and possesses a very rich history and culture.
  • Frankfurt—Frankfurt has an airport that serves as a central hub for commuter flights. The city is quite large, and its name is adorable for a dog; particularly a Dachshund.
  • Hamburg—Hamburg enjoys its position as the second largest city in the country of Germany. Get yourself two Dachshunds and name them Hamburg and Frankfurt…what could be cuter?
  • Dusseldorf—Dusseldorf is a popular German city with international cachet as a center for business and finance.
  • Dresden—Dresden lies in Eastern Germany and was deeply affected by World War II. Today, this rebuilt city is one of the most popular places to visit in the country.
  • Vienna—Though not strictly a German city, Vienna finds its home in the neighboring country of Austria. Vienna is the capital of its country and its largest city. Its name has an elegance and charm that is well-suited to a female pup.
  • Salzburg—Salzburg is also located in Austria and is well-renowned for its incredible scenery and rich history.
  • Bavaria—Bavaria is both a federal state and region found within the country of Germany.
  • Rhine—The Rhine River is a large body of water which flows through the majority of Germany.
  • Elbe—Another famous river, the Elbe runs through Germany and portions of the Czech Republic.
  • Danube—Made famous by Johann Strauss in a waltz, the Danube is a river which bears the distinction of being the second largest in all of Europe.

Looking for a unique German name for your dog? Consider our list of popular German dog names. Your pooch will be the talk of the town!

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Giant SchnauzerStandard Schnauzer
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