French Dog Names

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If you are obsessed with French culture and you’ve always wanted to visit Paris or any other locations in this beautiful country, it’s pretty natural for you to want to choose a French name for your pet. But what if you want to name your pup and you don’t know what those beautiful names of the characters you’ve admired in some stories or you’ve seen in movies really mean?

Whatever the reason for your dog’s name search might be, we’ve got plenty of French dog names for you to choose from. We made sure to include both names for boys and for girls so that you can simply pick the one that has the most meaning to you and that rings beautifully in your ears. 

One tip we’d like to give you right from the start is to choose a simple and short name to which your dog could be able to respond. If possible, it should contain a group of consonants that make a distinctive sound so that your canine buddy always pays attention when you pronounce the name. 

Funny French dog names

As you might expect, the variety of words in the French language also contains several that will make you crack up. However, keep in mind that as funny as some might be, naming your dog something weird like Chuchoter (which means to whisper in this language) might make it both difficult for him or her to respond and might also attract some strange looks from the other pet parents at the park. Here’s a list of some of the funniest and cutest French dog names.

  • Pompette – perfect for a girl, this word means tipsy. If your dog is sometimes confused about her whereabouts or seems to act weird from time to time, maybe this might be a good choice.
  • Loufoque – the meaning of this name is crazy and wild. It goes without saying that it makes the perfect name for an overly active canine friend.
  • Douche – as you can expect, this is a funny name simply because most of the people who don’t speak the French language will associate it with the meaning it has in English. In French, however, it simply means shower. 
  • Merde – this is a pretty well-known word in French, but unless your friends and family have a sense of humor and you don’t mind calling your dog this way and even naming him officially (for example, in his or her passport), feel free to use it. 

French dog names based on food

French cuisine is world-renowned for being delicious, albeit a little pretentious for some people. However, some of the names that we’ll showcase below are cute and easy to pronounce and they have a somewhat elegance to them.

  • Madeleine – this is a popular French dessert that some say resembles muffins. It’s made with flour, eggs, sugar, and almonds.
  • Eclair – Who doesn’t love eclairs? These yummy pastries are made from dough and have a cream filling and icing on the top.
  • Ratatouille – This name became popular when the animated movie with the same name was launched. In it, a little mouse called Ratatouille wants to become a chef and goes out of his way to learn as much about the craft as possible. So, if you have a mousey dog that seems to achieve whatever he puts his mind to, this name might be the right one for him.
  • Chambord – A fruity drink that’s made with raspberries, vanilla, and blackberries steeped in cognac, this is a liquid that usually makes a great base for cocktails. 
  • Escargot – This is a type of appetizer that consists of snails (yes, you read that right) usually cooked in butter and consumed with a glass of white wine. You could maybe name your dog this if he or she isn’t exactly keen on running around and exercising, given that snails are known to be particularly slow. 

French dog names inspired by famous places in France

Every French city or town has its charm in one way or the other, and some are well-known for being the places where some type of dish or boisson (drink) is produced. If you’ve already taken a trip to France or you’ve read about one of the locations below, perhaps you might feel inclined to name your dog the same.

  • Dijon – A city that has retained much of its history in its amazing architecture, Dijon is world-known for being the place where the mustard bearing the same name was invented. 
  • Marseille – As one of the oldest cities in Europe (given that it was well-known by the Romans, too, who used to call it Massalia), Marseille is the second-largest city in the country. It has a lot of color, an amazing dynamic, and plenty of maritime history, as well. 
  • Dax – This one is easier to pronounce compared to others given that you could use your English accent. The place is an ancient town known for its hot springs ever since Roman times. 
  • Cognac – Located just a couple of hours from Paris, this city is famous for its culture and art, but most importantly, it’s famous for the drink that was invented here.
  • Bordeaux – Known as the City of Wine, Bordeaux has a unique cultural center dedicated to just that. It is the world’s wine capital and receives thousands of tourists every year. 
  • Champagne – If you’re truly enthusiastic about getting a puppy and it just so happens that his or her fur resembles the color of a light, creamy drink, perhaps Champagne is the right name to choose for your new little friend. The bubbly drink is produced only in authorized factories and it tends to cost a pretty penny. 

French dog names for girls

  • Amelie (a derivative from Ame, which means loved)
  • Bijou (jewel)
  • Coquette (it means flirt)
  • Esme (loved or esteemed)
  • Fleur (flower)
  • Vivien (lively)
  • Papillon (butterfly)

French dog names for boys

  • Aubin (white)
  • Andre (male warrior)
  • Flaneur (aimless loafer)
  • Franco (French or relating to French in some way – this one works particularly well for French dog breeds)
  • Leon (lion)
  • Noir (black)
  • Perceval (innocent and pure)
  • Pascal (mischievous)
  • Marvel (to admire or wonder)

Picture of 3 Dogue De Bordeaux dogs

Dog Breed Trivia: Did you know the following breeds originated in France

Basset Artesian Normand Dogue De Bordeaux
Basset Fauve De Bretagne French Spaniel
Beauceron Lowchen
Berger Miniature Poodle
Picard Small Basset Griffon Vendeen
Bichon Frize Pyrenean Mountain Dog
Blue Gascony Basset Pyrenean Shepherd
Blue Picardie Spaniel Standard Poodle Toy Poodle



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