Forward Marketing and Publishing

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A Company With a Heart for Pets and the Families Who Love Them

Forward Marketing and Publishing was established by Creative Director, Jason Homan, in 2010.  From its inception, it was a business built on a passion for helping people and their pets.

Forward is proud to partner with many leading Canadian companies such as UnderCover Pet Houses and Bristol Abbey Parson Russell Terriers to promote great brands, products, and services to pet lovers around the world.

It is part of our company mandate to help those less fortunate within our communities, and as such, Forward is proud to support and sponsor rescue efforts for feral and abandoned cats as well as dogs and cats in shelters and rescues.

We also take an active role in publishing materials relating to the proper care and treatment of feral cats to ensure their safety and well-being through humane Trap, Spay/Neuter, and Release programs.




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