Finding a Pet Friendly House or Apartment to Rent

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If you are a pet owner looking for a house or apartment to rent, it can feel like you are up against a brick wall. Many landlords are reluctant to lease a property to tenants who own pets, having been burned in the past by renters who have taken far less than stellar care of their dwellings. But you’re a responsible pet owner, and you need a place to live…and soon. Where can you look for help in finding the best pet friendly houses or apartments?

Using an Online Agency

If you’ve spent any time digging through online postings and newspaper ads looking for pet-friendly accommodations, you likely feel like banging your head against the wall in frustration. Tired of wasting your time and the clock ticking away until you have to vacate your current home, you’re more than a little frustrated and unsure where to turn. If this accurately describes how you’re feeling, don’t despair. There is light at the end of the tunnel! Using an online agency might just be the answer for you.

Agencies which specialize in sourcing and listing pet-friendly apartments and houses are available online, and most of them are completely free of charge. Working with an online agent can save you time and frustration. Many offer a comprehensive service which directs you to pet-friendly rentals across the country while others focus on one specific area.

Here is a list of some of the best online tools available to help you find the perfect abode for you and your canine or feline pals:

The ASPCA lists the most common reason for pet abandonment as owners relocating to a dwelling which does not permit pets. Abodo was designed to assist pet-loving families with finding the ideal home for Fido, Fifi, and the whole fam.

Abodo offers filters to allow you to find the best pet-friendly homes for families with cats or dogs throughout the country. You can narrow down your search by selecting the type of pet that you own as well as what region of the country you would like your results limited to. Once you choose a specific city, Abodo provides you with a basic overview of the most popular attractions, services, and amenities in the area as well as a list of apartments that meet your criteria. It’s one stop pet-friendly apartment shopping at its finest!

This premium level free service is available as an app as well.

Apartment List
Apartment List is an online service which helps connect pet-loving families with the perfect home to meet their exacting needs. An extremely specific service, you can sign up on Apartment List’s online portal and list your detailed preferences to be connected with apartments and houses tailored perfectly to what you are looking for and at a price point that you can afford.

Apartment List is a free service which is also available as an app, so you can take it along with you on your apartment hunting sprees.

People With Pets
Take the hassle out of finding your new home by partnering with People With Pets! People With Pets offers a nationwide directory of apartments and houses where pets are welcome and wanted. But this great service doesn’t stop there; whatever you are searching for to meet your pets’ needs, you will find it listed here. From hotels to groomers, pet-friendly restaurants and more, they are all on display for your consideration on the People With Pets online database.

Find what you are looking for with the click of a finger and People With Pets!

Rent Lingo
Rent Lingo takes the pain out of shopping for your new home. An online database service, Rent Lingo hires property managers to review all listings, ensuring you get an accurate review of your potential new home.

Simply create a profile and include the specifications of your dream rental, and Rent Lingo will provide you with a list of pet-friendly rental options for your consideration.

My New Place
Another great online service offered to users free of charge is My New Place. Available in an app for both tablets and smart phone users, you can easily take My New Place with you on your apartment hunting jaunts. There is a specific section for those seeking pet-friendly rentals where you can source the best spots in any city throughout the United States. Since some pet-friendly housing options do limit themselves to cats or dogs only, you can specify which types of pets you share your home with to find the best solutions for you.

For Rent
For Rent, a free service which also offers an app, allows you to search nationwide for the perfect apartment or house for your pet-loving family. Like My New Place, For Rent also offers a separate section for Pet Friendly Rentals making your search for the ideal home more streamlined and efficient.

Searching for a pet-friendly apartment or home can feel downright painful! But with these new online agencies on your side, you will find the right spot in no time at all. Check one of them out today!



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