Though the project is about raising awareness & funding for charities, we have went to great lengths to make this house unique and memorable thanks to the help of our partners
Picture of a dog sleeping
It's a Dog's Life

For starters the Pet Friendly House will create a bedroom for the dog, after all they are family; here you will find some of best of the best pet products on the planet. The pampered pooch will have a 60 inch TV to watch his favorite shows like Paw Patrol, a walk in closet, filtered water… and so much more. The home will also include a doggie shower, lockers to store leashes, coats, boots and food.

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Not Bad for the Cat

As cats believe they own the house, they won’t be limited to just one room. Throughout the house there will be cat trees, beds and toys to keep them busy throughout the day. The litter box will be hid away, sensor activated so a light and fan turn on when the cat needs to do their business.

Picture of a grey cat
Picture of a goldfish
It's Great Being a Fish

Thanks to generous donation from Marineland these fish will NOT be crowed, in fact they may need to take a break when swimming from one end to the other to see their friends. This aquarium is 270 gallons… that means its 7 feet x 2 feet by 3 feet and weighs a ton.


We will also put a lot of effort into making the house durable, after all pets can be hard on the floors and furniture. To this extent the floors will be incredibly tuff, the air clean thanks to amazing filtration, storage will be built in to store every possible pet product, astro turf in the backyard, pet friendly plants…etc.

Picture of a chef
Did you know we have one of the best chefs in Calgary coming to cook for our furry friends…mmmm Steak Tartare
Picture of a dog art
Pet related paintings and other artwork by artist throughout North America will be on display within this unique house…
Picture of a wet dog
Picture of a brown puppy
Non toxic paints, scratch free floors, security cameras, Astro turf backyard, auto-feeders, pet themed clocks, secret hiding spots for the cat etc…