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The Top 10 Fastest Dog Breeds on Earth

Picture of racing greyhounds

Your dog might be fast, it might be faster than all the dogs at the park, but is is one of the fastest dog breeds on the planet. Check out this comprehensive list of breeds who can run faster than all others.

Picture of a Greyhound on the beach


Picture of a Saluki


Afghan Hound

3Afghan Hound

Picture of a Vizsla


Picture of a Jack Russell Terrier

5Jack Russell Terrier

Picture of a Dalmatian in water


Picture of a Borzoi running


Picture of a Whippet running at full speed


Picture of a Doberman Pinscher running at the sea

9Doberman Pinscher

Picture of a Border Collie running in field

10Border Collie

Picture of several poodles running on the beach


Picture of the German Shepherd running outside

12German Shepherd

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