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Decorating your home can be such fun! Is there anything more gratifying than taking a blank space and making it yours by stamping it with your own unique style? Today’s bedding manufacturers offer so many attractive options, it can feel like you are navigating a minefield trying to settle on just one piece. But as a dog owner, there are other factors that you must consider in making the perfect choice to complement your classic Simply Amish bedroom suite. After all, it took you months of shopping and careful consideration to settle on just the right bedroom furniture to complete your “look;” now, you want a bedding set that is worthy of the investment you’ve made in your high quality furniture. You’ve tried floral fabrics and both dark and light colors in the past. All of them had their advantages and disadvantages, but this time you’re looking for something a little different. Perhaps a comforter that proudly features pooches that look just like Fido is in order?

Why Buy Dog Patterned Bedding?

If you are pooch-loving kind of family, you just might love dog-patterned décor. Our pups play a huge role in our lives, and many home owners delight in finding dog-themed items to add to their growing collection which shows pride and loyalty for their breed of choice.

But why buy dog-patterned bedding? Whether you choose a whimsical cartoon print or a more classic true to life picture of the type of dog that shares your home, adding a dog-patterned comforter or duvet to your bedroom linens is one great way to show you are a dog lover. But more than that, dog-patterned bedding adds an element of fun to an otherwise very serious room.

In the past, dog-patterned bedding has largely been the domain of children with a deep and abiding love for dogs. But in more recent years, even adults have been drawn to items which bear likenesses of their favorite breed. Today, you can even have bedspreads custom-designed with the image of your dog, leading to a rousing game of Where’s Waldo when your pooch jumps up on your bed and blends in with his likeness.

Whatever your reason for choosing dog-patterned bedding, you will find you are among a growing population of people who love dogs and dog-inspired home furnishings. Many companies are producing high quality dog print items in a variety of styles with something sure to suit the tastes of even the most exacting dog-loving home owner.

Where to Buy Dog Patterned Bedding?

If you have made up your mind that a dog-patterned comforter is the perfect accompaniment for your new Simply Amish bedroom suite, the fun of finding just the right bedding set can now begin.

Here are some of the best places to find dog-themed bedding today:

When it comes to quality dog bedding in a wide variety of styles and price points, it’s hard to beat the selection available at Wayfair. A reputable online retailer which offers great discounts and affordable shipping, Wayfair sells dog-patterned bedding that would be perfect for a child’s bedroom as well as more sophisticated pieces for the adult dog lover’s sleeping abode.

Not your average bedding set, Wayfair offers dog-themed comforters which feature inspirational quotations about dogs, giving you a little food for thought before you drift off into dreamland. More cartoon-like bedding is also available, and there are even some duvets and bedspreads which feature dog breeds, giving you lots of options to choose from. You are sure to find the perfect bedding accessory when you shop at Wayfair!

Some of Wayfair’s most popular dog-themed bedding includes Hug the Dog Duvet Cover by Manual Woodworkers and Weavers, Lewes Comforter Set by Zoomie Kids, and Hello Sailor Dog by East Urban Home.

If something handmade or custom-designed was more what you had in mind, Etsy provides you with access to the leading crafters all across North America who can create a dog-themed masterpiece for your sleeping pleasure. As an added bonus, you get to support artisans who attempt to make a living or even a little extra spending cash, a win-win situation for both you and the online retailer of your choice!

Crazy 4 Claire offers quilted dog-themed bedding which is definitely worth taking a look at while 2CoolDesignsInc will create the ideal bedspread from photo images you provide, giving you complete creative control in the design process. Etsy lists 204 shops which manufacture and sell dog-themed bedding on their portal. With so many options to choose from, you’ll be spoiled for choice and are sure to find precisely what you are looking for!

Kids Room Treasures
Kids Room Treasures is a company with an emphasis on all things décor to turn every child’s bedroom into their ultimate dream. They offer an excellent selection of dog-themed bedding at budget-friendly prices. This well-respected company also offers international shipping, so if you live outside the continental United States but still wish to order, not a problem! Kids Room Treasures will deliver anywhere in the world.

Among the top sellers at Kids Room Treasures are the Playful Puppy Dog Bedding for Girls and the Pug Life Bedding set which is ideal for a boy or a girl’s room with its bright primary colored pattern.

The Company Store
Another great online retailer is The Company Store which offers many different types of bedding with a variety of dog themes available. Among their most popular offerings are their percale bedding duvets, comforters, and sheets with cartoon dog breeds printed on them. The Company Store is renowned for its cute and clever designs which are embedded on the highest quality of fabrics. Extremely affordably priced, you might want to select a few different items to give you some variety in your bedroom décor!

Ready to order your dog-themed bedding set?
Why not consider one of our top-rated online retailers for your purchase? The perfect dog-themed bedding set awaits you! With the finest of online shopping at your fingertips, why not let Fido help with your selection? You’ll be sure to get something stylish and comfortable that earns the Fido stamp of approval!



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