Top 10 Dog Friendly Cities Around the World

With more and more families sharing their lives with at least one pet, people are increasingly interested in visiting cities where Fido is welcome to tag along too. Thankfully, many metropolitan cities are getting hip to this jive and are now opening their arms to people and their pooches in a variety of different venues. If you’re on the hunt for your next great vacation, consider booking a holiday stay at one of our top-rated 10 dog friendly cities around the world.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Picture of a woman holding a dog in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is one city that has gone to the dogs. This metropolitan center proudly welcomes pooches of all shapes, breeds, and sizes, with dogs permitted in most public places including restaurants and shopping centers.

Amsterdam is such a dog-friendly city that it can safely be assumed that dogs are welcome anywhere with only two notable exceptions: museums and art galleries. Unless there is a sign specifically noting dogs are not permitted inside, you can safely assume that wherever you may go; Fido may tag along too.

But dogs aren’t limited to only being welcomed in public places. They are also permitted to travel on all forms of public transportation. Though buses and metros permit dogs to ride along for free, there is a nominal fee of three euros charged for pooches who join their owners on the train.

Amsterdam is a city that experiences all four seasons, meaning during several months of the year, it is quiet cold, and the weather can be inclement. During chilly, dreary days, dogs can join their families on the outdoor terraces and in the public parks. In the summer, there is even a swimming section dedicated specifically for dog use at Flevopark.

Calgary, Canada

Picture of an Australian Cattle Dog in Calgary

When it comes to dog-friendly cities in Canada, it’s hard to beat Calgary, Alberta. With over 150 off leash play areas for pooches to enjoy, dogs and their owners are spoiled for choice in this great city.

But it’s not just the multitude of dog parks that makes Calgary a great place to vacation with your dogs. Many of the public recreational areas offer walking trails and a few others some beaches where dogs can enjoy a leisurely stroll followed up by practicing their best doggy paddle then relaxing in the sand. Among the most popular places dogs and their families like to frequent in Calgary are River Park which features a swimming area nearby and the fully fenced Sue Higgins Park.

For the posh pooch in need of some new duds, Calgary offers many different pet stores where families can purchase some doggy apparel or pick up a treat or two for their best canine pal to enjoy.

Calgary is also home to many restaurants and cafes which permit dogs to join their owners on their outdoor patios or terraces. Some of the most popular spots people and their pooches like to visit are the Vin Room and the Ranchman’s Cookhouse and Dancehall. The Vin Room truly has gone to the dogs by providing plush dog beds and water bowls resembling posh champagne glasses to add a touch of luxury to your pooch’s visit. Even the Starbucks’ locations in Calgary offer amenities for pups to enjoy including permission to join their people out on the outdoor patios and free Puppachinos (whipped cream in a coffee cup) for each visit.

New York, New York

Picture of dogs in New York

The Big Apple is a very welcoming spot for visitors of both the two-legged and four-legged sort. Many hotels invite families to bring Fido along for their stay in the city, and even prestigious shopping havens such as Bloomingdale’s, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Bergdorf Goodman permit pooches to peruse their wares alongside their owners.

Perhaps the most popular spot for dog owners to visit is Central Park, a large public recreational center with many concrete walking paths where dogs and their owners can burn off a few extra calories and enjoy the scenery.

New York also boasts of many restaurants and cafes which permit people to enjoy a leisurely café au lait with their pooches right by their sides.

Tel Aviv, Israel

Picture of a dog on the beach in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv proudly proclaims itself to be the most dog friendly city in the world. To this end, they have made great efforts to provide amenities that make Fido feel right at home. From dog beaches to dog parks and even movie nights featuring favorite pooch flicks, Tel Aviv has got it all.

Highly progressive in their amenities for dogs, Tel Aviv is the first metropolitan city to institute a municipal digital service in the form of a membership card which entitles owners to special discounts on services and also delivers reminders for important things such as vaccination dates and a directory of dog-related vendors, services, and shops. Looking for a new dog park for Fido to enjoy? Your membership card can help you find the nearest one and even provide directions there!

Berlin, Germany

Picture of a dog in Berlin German

Berlin is a city of great cultural importance, and it earns top marks as a tourist destination where dogs can flourish and enjoy the city alongside their owners. Whether you choose to board a steamer cruise or meander though one of the many historical properties, your pooch is welcome to take pride of place by your side.

In addition to being welcomed in many of the city’s most popular attractions, dogs are also permitted to tag along to many of Berlin’s most beloved cafes, restaurants, and hotels. Some hotels even cater specifically to the pet-friendly crowd and offer such plush amenities as dog beds and bowls to ensure Fido’s stay in Berlin is a pleasant one.

Public transportation in Berlin is open for all dogs to enjoy. For travel outside Berlin, you can purchase a doggy train ticket which allows passage for your best canine pal all throughout Germany.

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Paris, France

Picture of a dog in Paris near the Eiffel Tower

The city of love and light is well-known for its deep abiding affection for all things canine. Whether you travel through the streets of Montmartre enjoying the artists at work or lunch in a café, you will encounter many pooches enjoying Parisian life with their families.

Dogs in Paris are welcome everywhere from the poshest of boutiques and brasseries to the impressive Jardin de Tuileries and more.  Many shops and restaurants provide chairs and water bowls to ensure the comfort of your best canine pal. As in Amsterdam, dogs are restricted from entering museums or art galleries.

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Seattle, Washington

Picture of a couple walking dog in Seattle

Seattle is a city that loves their dogs so much they are reported to have two times as many canines residing in the region than they do children. The city is a haven of dog parks with 14 of them offering off-leash play. The best loved of these parks is Magnuson Park, a property that offers nine acres for dogs to explore with their families. The park is fully fenced and includes play sections for both small and large dogs, once of which includes a beach on the shores of Lake Washington.

Seattle is the perfect place for families who enjoy hiking with their best canine pals. There are many mountain trails located outside the city limits where families can enjoy reconnecting with nature, and Fido can put his sniffer to good use, catching up on his pee-mail.

Geneva, Switzerland

Picture of a dog in Geneva

Geneva is an extremely progressive city when it comes to dog ownership. A region committed to responsibility, any person wishing to own a dog must pass both a written and a practical examination before being given permission to purchase a dog.

Once a family has passed their examination and been granted approval for dog ownership, there is no shortage of places they can take their new canine family member in Geneva. There are over 55 pet-friendly hotels and many parks which permit dogs to enjoy off-leash play.

Portland, Oregon

Dog looking at ducks near the Portland bridg

Though Portland has earned a reputation as a hipster city with a focus on organically produced, fair trade coffee, it is also a haven for families with dogs. Portland has earned the distinction of being the city with the most dog parks per capita in the entire country. When it comes to places to have some fun, your pooch won’t want for social events to frequent in Portland; many of which feature off-leash play and socialization opportunities.

Rome, Italy

Picture of a dog in Rome

Rome is a city that welcomes dogs with open arms. Many of the city’s restaurants are only too happy to prepare a meal just for Fido to enjoy while you feast on their finest pasta and locally produced wine.

Many of the merchants in boutiques and shops also permit pooches to join their families on their shopping adventures. The parks in the city are a great place to work off some pent up energy and even to take a dip in the fountains if the mood so strikes.

Ready to take your next vacation and want Fido to tag along? Check out one of our top ten dog-friendly cities around the world. You just might find the perfect place for your next adventure with your best canine pal!

Toronto, Canada

Picture of a dog in Toronto

Though Toronto has been described as an urban jungle, this premiere Canadian city has made great efforts to make its grounds a haven for people and their pooches to enjoy. Toronto takes immense pride in its plethora of activities for dogs, many of which allow for off-leash play and socialization.

But Toronto is also a city that contains many interesting attractions specifically designed with dogs in mind such as the Purina PawsWay, a center dedicated to learning and discovery which regularly hosts public exhibitions and entertaining events for pooches and their people to enjoy. This property is also home to the Purina Hall of Fame which honors pets who have shown great bravery and courage in saving human lives.

Ready to take your next vacation and want Fido to tag along? Check out one of our top 11 dog-friendly cities around the world. You just might find the perfect place for your next adventure with your best canine pal!



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