A Lot will Happen at the Pet Friendly House

Durability Test
Imagine several wet & muddy dogs equipped with GoPros running through a brand new, half a million dollar house; jumping on the furniture, rolling on the rugs, taking a nap on the beds… would you allow this in your home? Probably not! This demonstration is meant to show the durability of the floors, furniture and bedding… after all, if you are building a “pet friendly” house, it better be durable.

Chefs brought in To Cook for the Dogs
We will bring in a couple well known chefs in Calgary to cook for the dog. A pasty chef will also create an amazing cake that will be presented at a “pets birthday party”.

Birthday Party for the Pets
We are going to through an actual birthday party for a lucky dog. Yes we will be making a cake, decorating the home and having over several of our dogs friends.

Aquarium Set Up
From setting up a couple small aquariums in the bedrooms to a monstrous 275 gallon aquarium in the office, we will show you how to do it properly.

How to Clean up Spills and Accidents
Accidents happen. This is why we will show you how to remove every imaginable stain. Pee stains… no problem, wine… walk in the park. That stain on the carpet caused from eating something Fido found in the bush, we will show you how to get it out.

Build a Doghouse
Though the the lucky dog that resides in the Pet Friendly House will have all the amenities he wants, we will still create a doghouse for the yard. One for those days he wants to relax outside, but still be comfortable.