Decorating a Dog Lover’s Home

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Decorating a dog lover’s home is a designer’s dream come true. Families who own dogs face different challenges which must be taken into account when putting together a living space which is the ideal blend of comfort, convenience, and a little bit of luxury. But dog lovers also tend to thrive on ingenuity, and their willingness to be creative makes crafting the perfect space for them so much fun! Sourcing the right items for pooch-loving people is a true joy. With so many whimsical and eclectic pieces to choose from, you are sure to find all of the things you need to make each dog owner’s home a masterpiece and to have a ball doing it!

Important Considerations for the Dog Lover’s Home

There is no doubt that certain furniture requires more delicate handling. Dog-loving families need furniture that is both beautiful and functional, so selecting something that can withstand a little dog wear and tear is necessary. When purchasing furniture for families who share their homes with dogs, the focus needs to remain on high quality, durable items, and this is one area where shelling out a few extra dollars will equate to savings long term. Though attractive furniture can be obtained at a lower price point, these cheaper alternatives generally don’t have the staying power that is necessary to stand up to the abuse of a home with pets.

Though few furniture companies offer warranties which cover damage to fabrics and leather by pet nails, it is worth exploring this option. But it is also critical to dismiss pieces with upholsteries with a reputation for staining, pilling, or tearing under the weight of a household with pets. No matter how beautiful an item may be, no one wants to be a slave to keeping it clean, and certainly no family wants to have to replace it after only a year or so of use. It just doesn’t make good financial sense to purchase an item to bring joy and beauty to your home only to end up disappointed with it and needing to find a replacement in an abbreviated amount of time.

The Best Products for the Dog-Lover’s Home

Each room in a home requires a slightly different touch. Linens, furniture, and even accent pieces will differ according to the use and desired mood of each room. Dog-themed décor is popping up everywhere showing true evidence of how much dogs have come front and center in lives of many families. Many companies are aware of fact that their customers share their homes with pets and are using this knowledge to help them design products that are better suited to meeting their needs.

Here are some great things to consider adding to your design plan for a dog lover’s home:

Sofas and Chairs

A house is not a home without comfortable furniture. While many families opt to purchase dog beds for their pampered pooches to enjoy, still others prefer for Fido to cuddle up on the sofa beside them on a cold winter’s night. If your client happens to fall in the latter category, it’s going to be important to find furniture that is upholstered in materials that will hide dirt, not accumulate dog hair, and that will also stand up to any abuse a dog could dish out such as digging, scratching, and even licking. Certainly some materials are bettered suited to this task than others, and certain manufacturers have produced living room furniture which tops the charts with star rankings for furniture for families with pets.

Two companies leading the way when it comes to high quality furniture for families with pets are Palliser and Natuzzi Italia. Palliser is a name that is synonymous with both trust and extraordinary workmanship. In business since 1944, Palliser stands behind its brand one hundred percent and is committed to providing only the best furniture solutions for families with pets. When it comes to sofas and chairs, you will be spoiled for choice with Palliser who offers 100 types of leather and over 200 fabrics. With so many incredible options, you will have no difficulty finding the perfect sofa to complete your client’s living room look. Palliser also offers a line of “performance fabrics” which were designed to handle wear and tear yet still keep looking fresh and new. Easy to clean, allergen-resistant, and durable, a sofa or chair upholstered in one of Palliser’s leathers or fabrics is sure to be the perfect addition to any dog lover’s home!

Italian furniture giant Natuzzi Italia offers clients luxurious furniture in modern designs with something sure to suit every taste and budget. Natuzzi Italia believes each piece of furniture should tell a story. From its design to its comfort to its color and fabric, your Natuzzi Italia sofa or chair is meant to make a statement in your home. A company which excels at selecting the right fabric to suit every home owner’s lifestyle requirements, your Natuzzi piece can be customized to meet the precise needs of your family. But this company isn’t content with just providing functionality, fashion is also at the forefront of their focus. Natuzzi Italia stays abreast of the latest style trends and is not afraid to use unusual materials to craft the perfect piece for your client’s home. Not your bargain basement-priced sofa, any furniture item from Natuzzi Italia is a work of art and built to last.


When it comes to the place your clients will rest their heads at night, nothing short of the ultimate in true comfort will do. Since many dog-loving families share their sleeping abodes with their beloved pets, you will need to source bedding sets which will not give way to scratching dog nails or muddy paw prints.

Sheex Performance Bedding was designed specifically with the dog-loving family in mind. Sheex offers linens for use on dog beds as well as traditional options for the people beds in each home. This company’s patented line of bedding was created to repel unwanted pet hair. To clean your sheets from any “furry contributions,” you simply give the sheets a wipe, and the hair magically falls away. Sheex’s performance bedding remains moisture-free, breathable, and has an extremely luxurious feel.

Paul’s Home Fashions offers one stop shopping for all of your bedroom décor needs. An online retailer offering the best of bedding options, window treatments, and bath linens from leading manufacturers at the top of their game, you are sure to find what you are looking for at Paul’s Home Fashions. You can choose from such leading companies as Waverly, Croscill Home, Waterford, Williamsburg, and more. For best results avoid tapestry prints which are prone to snagging dog nails leading to unsightly holes and tears.

Framed Artwork

But decorating a dog lover’s home is much more than simply selecting furnishings that can stand up to the worst Fido can dish out. For many families, photos of their fave furry friend make a house feel like a home. While most dog-loving families have many a photo of their beloved dog to proudly share with friends and visitors to their home, taking that photo a step further and turning it into a piece of art to display in a prominent place in the home is an excellent way to show off how adorable Fido is to anyone who stops by for a coffee and a chat.

Though framing artwork can be very expensive, stores such as the Hobby Lobby or Michaels the craft store have made framing affordable and fun. With regular coupon offers, you can even score a bargain on your next framed print. By simply signing up for these companies’ email offers, you will receive regular coupons which entitle you to weekly price breaks on selected items.

Whimsical Items

What is a pet lover’s home without a few little items of whimsy strewn throughout each room? A dog-themed welcome mat bearing your client’s breed of choice and an inspirational message can provide an instant icebreaker topic to get the conversation going with visitors to the home. Today’s retailers offer many different pet-themed items including mugs with cute dog photos and sayings and a variety of different prints and knickknacks. Stores such as T. J. Maxx and Marshalls offer a wide selection of doggy-themed artwork with something sure to strike the right chord with each dog owner. Etsy and Ebay also offer custom-designed and handmade items, allowing you to create the perfect piece for the dog lover’s home. With so many of these companies now offering online ordering and affordable shipping, your next “Beware of Lovable Dog” sign might be just the click of a finger away!

Dog Beds

For many dog-loving families, matching is key. What could be better than a dog bed upholstered in the same fabric as your own bed or one that perfectly matches the colors of your sofa? Leading companies of quality pet and human bedding options such as J’Adore Custom Pet Beds or Lilly and Abbie Dog Beds provide hundreds of bedding styles and upholsteries for you to choose from. Whether you want something complementary or an exact match, you will find what you are looking for from one of these great companies who excel at helping pet owners complete their perfect “look.”

Designing a dog lover’s home can be grand fun. With a little creativity, some wisely-selected investment pieces, and a touch of whimsy, the pet friendly home of your client’s dreams can be a reality! Check out some of these great retailers today.



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