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Doesn’t Your Best Friend Deserve a Brand New Leather Chair?

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Whether you realize it or not, your dog is hard at work all day long. It’s a tough job guarding your castle day and night, and as if he doesn’t have enough to do, he also acts as the castle doorman by racing to the door at the first ring of the bell.

But Fido’s responsibilities don’t end there. When he puts away his guard dog clothes, he assumes the role of psychiatrist. Dr. Fido is always ready to listen to your problems with a sympathetic ear and to understand one when no one else understands. His patented knowing “look” lets you know that he “gets” it, and the thump, thump, thump of his wagging tail reassures you that all will be well.

Yes, Fido fills big shoes in your home, and we think he deserves a special treat.

We at the Pet Friendly House and Bracko Brothers Furniture would like to help you reward your dog. And what could be better for a hard working canine than his very own leather chair? Not some old, beat up piece of trash salvaged from a yard sale and destined for the city dump, but a brand new leather chair where he can relax in comfort and style. For all Fido does to keep your home safe and secure, surely he deserves a chair worthy of his loyalty and affection. Even if it is better than yours?

The pet friendly chair that we have in mind is guaranteed to stand up to any abuse that Fido and his friends can dish out. But best of all, giving Fido his own chair will allow you the freedom to unwind in yours…hair free.

We really couldn’t blame you if you claimed this great chair for your own. After all, Fido’s a pretty sharing kind of guy, so we think he’d understand. Besides, word on the street is that he’s had his eye on YOUR chair for a long time now.

How to Win This Amazing Chair

As part of the Pet Friendly House Project that will see us build the World’s Most Pet Friendly House, this beautiful leather chair, valued at $2,100, will be given away to a lucky dog and his owner.

To win, all you need to do is Follow our Facebook page. We’d welcome a comment telling us why you think that your dog should be the recipient of this amazing prize. Your answer just might increase your chances of winning.

The contest will run from April 15th through July 1st , 2018, and is limited to residents of North America only.

I think we’d both agree that Fido is the greatest, and this chair must go! Maybe it’ll find its way to your house. But you’ll never know if you don’t like, share, and comment on this contest post today!

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