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Just as some people struggle with anxiety problems, so too do some dogs. Helping your dog overcome anxiety issues can be very challenging. Many people try to identify specific triggers that they can then address through the services of a behavior modification specialist or desensitization techniques. While these modes can be effective, it is often too difficult for a dog in a heightened state of anxiety to focus enough for training to proceed. Faced with very few options to help an overstimulated and anxious dog, some owners turn to natural supplements known for their calming properties. But if you’ve got a pooch with hard core anxiety issues, many more natural solutions aren’t up to the task, leaving owners with the remaining choice of visiting their veterinarian in quest of psychotropic drugs or canine antidepressants to help your dog to find relief. But today’s pooches are in luck! One of the most effective new treatments to assist with canine anxiety is CBD oil. Available at many high quality pet retailers and even some veterinary clinics, CBD oil is a safe alternative to more traditional medications that can help your dog find his “zen” in the midst of what feels like chaos to him. What is CBD oil and how does it help dogs with anxiety problems?

CBD Oil – What is It?

CBD oil is a product manufactured from what is known as cannabidiol. The substance is carefully removed from the buds or flower petals of the marijuana or hemp plant and is then mixed with a neutral oil. This type of oil is known for its calming and healing properties, and it is free from the “high” feeling associated with marijuana due to the absence of the euphoria-inducing chemical known as tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

Many owners wonder if it is safe to give CBD oil to their dogs. CBD oil has long been in use with human beings where it is known to have anti-inflammatory properties and to provide relief for people suffering with anxiety. Recent research supports the use of CBD oil to assist with the same conditions in canines with some of the leading veterinarians today in complete agreement.

Other ailments CBD oil is known to effectively treat include:

What is the Correct Dosage of CBD Oil for My Dog?

Because CBD oil is a very new treatment for canine use, it is always best to err on the side of caution. Holistic veterinarians recommend beginning CBD oil treatments with an extremely low dose of approximately 0.25 mg once daily. Through careful observation, you will be able to assess if your dog’s dosage should be increased or decreased. Be certain to only adjust amounts minimally so as not to cause any harm or ill effects to your dog.

Bear in mind your dog’s weight, overall size, and health condition will all play a role in the correct dosage of CBD oil as well. The amount of activity your dog engages in on a daily basis will also affect how long the medication remains potent in his system.

When deciding whether or not to give your dog CBD oil, you will also want to factor in any pre-existing health conditions your pooch is dealing with. Dogs with ongoing liver or kidney issues may lack the ability to process the oil properly, making it ineffective or possibly dangerous for this use. In addition to this, there is always the possibility of drug interactions if your fave furry friend is on other veterinary medicines to treat his health issues. For best results, always consult with your veterinarian before administering CBD oil in any dosage to your dog.

What is the Best CBD Oil to Buy?

When it comes to buying CBD oil to help treat dog anxiety problems, not all CBD-based products are created equally. Today, products made from hemp or the marijuana plant and its by-products are not regulated, meaning there is a large discrepancy of quality on the market.

When looking for a quality CBD oil for your dog, here are some guiding principles to help you make a good selection:

  • Is the CBD oil an organic product?

Sourcing an oil made from organically grown hemp ensures the finished product is free from toxins which could be harmful for your dog.

  • What is the processing method?

There are two preferred methods for extracting CBD from the buds or petals of the marijuana or hemp plant: cold press extraction or carbon dioxide. Chemical processes are far cheaper; however, they contain substances that are toxic including propane, hexane, and butane.

  • Has the product been tested in an independent lab?

Companies who do independent testing to provide assurances of quality and safety to their clients will proudly display their certificates of analysis or COA’s. These certificates ensure the product is subject to quality control and safety protocols, giving you the confidence that the oil is safe for your dog.

  • What is the amount of THC in the product?

Only products weighing in at 0.3 percent THC or less are deemed safe for canine use. If you source your CBD oil from the hemp plant which naturally contains far lower amounts of THC, you will automatically have an oil well-suited to your dog as it will always fall within the healthy range.

Where Can I Buy CBD Oil for My Dog?

Some high quality pet retailers do carry CBD oil and hemp products for dog anxiety on their shelves. Alternatively, you can often source CBD oil and similar products online.

When selecting the product for your dog, do take the time to carefully read labels to determine if the oil you are considering is of the highest quality and is considered within the safe range for use with dogs.

If you’ve got a pooch who finds life a little scary from time to time, CBD oil might be just what he needs! Pick up a bottle today. It could be a lifesaver during thunderstorms, fireworks, or other scary events!



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