Cats That Are Like Guard Dogs

Picture of an orange Maine Coon Cat

Whether you are a cat lover, a dog lover, or you love both species equally, you might notice that the two species share some similarities. There are cats who act more doglike than others, and dogs who like to cuddle on their owners’ laps like cats do. Did you know that there are even cats who act like guard dogs? These cats may be trainable to guard owners, their homes, and their property. Some breeds of cats are more prone to guard their owners than others. While you might not need to put up a warning sign at your door that says, “Beware of Cat,” there are some felines in existence that will fiercely protect their humans. Here, we will discuss a few of these guard-dog-like cat breeds.

Wait a Minute – Aren’t Cats Primarily Concerned About Themselves?

Some people mistakenly think that all cats are self-centered and think about their own needs over those of their humans. This is not always true. Cats are highly intelligent, and each cat is an individual. It’s not fair to generalize about an entire species. Cats do tend to be more territorial than dogs, and will growl, hiss or meow at others invading their territory. They may even attack another person if they feel threatened or feel that their human is being threatened. Contrary to popular belief, not all cats are scaredy-cats, as some people have been led to believe. Their great intelligence makes some breeds of cats more trainable than others.

Breeds of Cats That Act Like Guard Dogs

There are a variety of breeds of felines who act more like guard canines than other cats. A few of them include:

Maine Coon

One of the largest breeds of domestic cats, Maine Coon cats have been known to attack intruders, and to protect their humans, especially if their humans are not well. They can grow to the size of a small dog, are fiercely loyal to their humans, and will guard them as if they were their kittens. Maine Coons are intelligent and trainable, with some being able to open doors and turn on lights, and even to get their own food. They are alert with a keen sense of hearing and smell that will notify them of danger before their human can detect it.


Siamese cats are beautiful, intelligent, and trainable. This makes the breed a perfect guard cat. In history, Siamese cats were used to guard the temple of the King of Siam. They would perch on the temple’s columns to keep watch for any threats against the king. If they spotted a person who was a threat, the cat would quickly attack the intruder. Siamese cats today are just as protective of their humans. Once a Siamese cat has formed a bond with a human, they are unshakably loyal to that person and will always ensure that human’s safety. They will hiss to ward off threats or attackers, and may even scratch or attack threats to their human’s safety.


Originating in Burma (present-day Myanmar), the Burmese was a pet of the royal family and guarded temples and pagodas. Today’s Burmese cats are playful and great companions for children, often acting quite dog-like. They become attached to certain humans, of whom they will always keep in sight and be protective. These cats have even been known to stand watch over newborns and keep watching them as they grow into children. The strong bond created between a Burmese and a human makes them one of the best guard cats available.

Turkish Angora

The Turkish Angora is known to be a very affectionate feline who is nice to all members of the family but will usually choose one human to which to be especially loyal. The Turkish Angora will do anything they can to protect this person, taking on any threat just to keep them safe. This breed is also quite playful, likes to play fetch, may even like swimming, and will need you to exercise them often. The highly intelligent Turkish Angora is trainable and can be taught to keep intruders away (because otherwise, they might be a bit too friendly to strangers).


The Manx, known as a “watch cat,” is a breed that makes a great playmate for children and also a fierce protector of them. Manx cats will form a strong bond with humans, loving to follow their humans around the house and talk to them. They enjoy playing fetch just like a dog, and also tend to like to take walks on leashes and rides in the car (like a dog). The sight of a strange animal or person can set them off and make them attack the interloper. These cats are quite alert, vocalizing at any strange noise they notice. They will growl at intruders and may even scare them off with their fierceness.


Also called the athlete of cat breeds, the elegant-looking, muscular Abyssinian loves to jump and play. These cats are great companions for kids and also will guard children and other humans to whom they are close. Abyssinians are quite affectionate and will follow their humans from one room to the next, for the dual purposes of being social but also to protect their humans.


The Ragdoll might become floppy and cuddly when you pick one up in your arms. However, don’t let this behavior fool you. It belies the fact that Ragdolls are highly intelligent and trainable by using treats and praise (positive reinforcement). They can even be trained to guard their humans like dogs would. Ragdolls are quiet, affectionate cats who quickly become attacked to their humans, making them fiercely protective of their humans.



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