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Picture of a woman running on the beach with a dog

Fitness Trackers for Your Dog

In this day and age when people are concerned about their diet, health, and fitness, it’s only natural that dog lovers would also want to make sure their dogs are staying fit, too. Enter fitness trackers for your dog. Depending on the brand or model you purchase, a fitness tracker for your dog might have

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woman and dog in a park

The Importance of Taking Your Dog for a Walk

If you are the proud owner of a home with a fully fenced in yard, you might think that your dog has access to all of the exercise he needs. But you’d be wrong. While dogs do love to have recreational space of their own to enjoy, there are benefits to taking a walk with

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Picture of a dog running with a woman on the beach

Running with a Dog

The best way to take your dog’s relationship with you to the next level is to enjoy shared activities that stimulate your dog both physically and mentally. Dogs have evolved to travel long distances in packs, and running with them on a regular basis can help to satisfy their deep natural instinct and desire to

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