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Picture of a dog sitting in the water

The Top 10 Hazards at the Beach for Your Dog

The beach is a popular destination for people and their pooches when temperatures start to soar. With more and more public beach properties now permitting dogs to enjoy frolicking in the sand and sun on their premises, bringing Fido along to enjoy a seaside adventure has become a very popular activity. Yet, the beach harbors

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Picture of a dog running at the beach with a stick

How Much Beach Time Can Your Dog Handle?

When the warm breezes of summer begin to blow, many families turn their minds towards loading up their vehicles and heading for the beach. With many public beaches now permitting dogs to join their owners for a day of fun in the sun, more and more people are bringing Fido along on their seaside adventures.

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Top 10 Dog Friendly Cities Around the World

With more and more families sharing their lives with at least one pet, people are increasingly interested in visiting cities where Fido is welcome to tag along too. Thankfully, many metropolitan cities are getting hip to this jive and are now opening their arms to people and their pooches in a variety of different venues.

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Picture of a Dog Hanging out the window

Products Every Dog Owner Should Have in Their Vehicle

Sometimes you just feel like taking an adventure. When the mood strikes to hit the open road, your best canine pal is going to want to tag along. Exploring your neighborhood, visiting a new city, or heading out for a walk in the woods or on the beach is even more enjoyable with your fave

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Picture in dog in the basket of a bike

Taking Your Dog for a Bike Ride

Every dog needs to get in regular daily activity. Most owners think of heading out for a walk or a run when it comes to something fun to do with their dogs. But dogs are well-suited to a number of different activities besides the more traditional ambulatory ones. Many dogs love to swim. Since swimming

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Picture of a woman in blue coat holding a dog

Dog Breeds That Are Not Allowed on Airlines

If you do any amount of travelling, you likely want your pooch to tag along with you from time to time. Airline travel is among the simplest ways to get around, and most airlines are only too willing to allow your furry friend to join you on your holiday. Rates for travelling in the cabin

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Picture of man and woman with a dog

What To Look for in a Pet Friendly Vehicle

As a family with pets, you’re looking for something a little different when it comes to purchasing your next vehicle. While many people are searching for a specific color of interior, leather seats, or the latest technological features, your new vehicle wish list is a little more practical. You want something that will comfortably seat

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Picture of cat in a orange carrying case

Taking a Cat on a Car Trip

Some of our furry companions are a pleasure to take along with us on vacation. Sadly, usually cats do not fall into this category. Anyone who has ever attempted to take a cat on a car trip with them can attest to the ordeal that this venture can become. There are ways that you can

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Picture of dog in Greece next to the ocean

Tips for Travelling with Dogs in Greece

Taking Fido on your dream holiday to Greece is most definitely feasible. If you already know of the joys and difficulties of travelling with a dog, you are one step ahead. Here is the lowdown on Greek island hopping with your four-legged friend. All in order Sorting out the paperwork is the first thing to

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Picture of woman driving with a dog

Please Don’t Drive with a Dog in Your Lap

How many times have you seen someone driving along with a dog in their lap? Cute, right? Well, maybe, but certainly not safe. At least three states specifically ban pets from riding in a driver’s lap while driving and in other states you can be charged with an assortment of other penalties if your dog

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Picture of a woman running on the beach with a dog

Fitness Trackers for Your Dog

In this day and age when people are concerned about their diet, health, and fitness, it’s only natural that dog lovers would also want to make sure their dogs are staying fit, too. Enter fitness trackers for your dog. Depending on the brand or model you purchase, a fitness tracker for your dog might have

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Picture of a dog in the water with a stick

Is It Okay for Your Dog to Swim in the Ocean?

In the dog days of summer, everyone feels the heat! When the temperatures are a-rising, planning a trip to the beach seems like an excellent idea, and of course, the whole family wants Fido to come along! While many beaches do permit dogs to enjoy their shorelines and water, conscientious owners wonder what types of

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