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Popular Dating Websites and Apps for Dog & Cat Lovers

We all love our pets. They’re the ideal companions for enjoying long weekend walks, sharing meals, and snuggling at night. They enhance our lives immeasurably and provide us with joy and cuddles. It’s impossible to be truly lonely with pets in the house. Despite that, some of us also seek companions with fewer tails. And

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Do You Take Too Many Pictures of Your Dog

Sharing photos of dogs on Social Media, these days, is almost a competitive sport.  While we all appreciate a well-placed, cute, dog snap, how do you know if you are simply oversharing? The first step is to observe your dog’s behavior. Does Rover roll his eyes every time you get your phone out? Are you

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Tips & Tricks for Creating an Instagram Page for Your Dog

Dogs bring a lot of joy into people’s lives, so it is only right that those people would want to share it with others. It is extremely common to see Instagram accounts dedicated to pets, especially dogs. These accounts help to document the dog’s life and to tell their story to a world that love

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Popular Hashtags for Dogs on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook

Is there anything better than showing off your beloved pooch on social media for the world to see? Not only does it show how much you love them, but it allows others to see their fun quirks, amazing personalities, and how sweet they look when they’re falling asleep. It isn’t uncommon for people to create

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Picture of grey cat on a bench

Do You Take Too Many Pictures of Your Cat?

Cat in a bag? *click* Cat on the table? *click* Cat with a poofy tail * click* Cat playing in a box * click* Cat on a windowsill? *click* Cat playing with a toy? *click* Cat playing with something that’s not a toy? * click* We all think our cats are adorable and, of course, we’re

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Picture of pub on the kitchen floor

Taking Pictures of Your Dog on Your Phone

Who doesn’t love having a wonderful picture of their pet, right? Today, with high resolution cameras on the phones that nearly everyone carries, it can be very easy to snap a once-in-a-lifetime picture of your dog. Most people have a smartphone with them just about all the time. Whether you know it or not, the

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Picture of of a man kissing his dog

Popular Apps for the Dog Owner

We all know that there’s an app for everything these days. That’s true for you and your dog, too! Need to train your dog? There’s an app for that. Looking for a restaurant where Rex can go, too? Yep, there’s an app. New in town and looking to meet some new friends – for you

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