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Picture of a Jack Russell running with a toy

Popular Dog Chew Toys

Shopping for dog toys can be lots of fun for both you and your best canine pal. But the thrill wears off when you get

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Why Do We Call Dogs Fido?

There have been a number of dogs whose names have become famous such as Lassie, Toto and Beethoven, and who could forget Marley from the

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Popular Mixed Dog Breeds

Are you more of a Mutt lover than a Pedigree person? How about a mixed-breed dog? Any dog descending from two or more different breeds

Picture of Chihuahua wearing a sweater

Does Your Dog Need A Sweater?

In the northern hemisphere the seasons are starting to change, with the first day of fall just passing us by. Soon, winter will follow it

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Dating a Dog Lover

If you are not a dog lover, you may not understand the levels of affection that dog lovers give to their furry four-legged friends. Some

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Why You Should Adopt a Pit Bull

If you Google “about adopting Pit Bulls,” you get page after page of top ten (or sixteen or even twenty-one) lists of reasons why you

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Including Your Dog in Your Will

No one wants to think about dying and the loved ones, including pets, that they will leave behind. Not thinking about this, however, makes you