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Low Energy Dog Breeds

If you’re looking to add a pooch to your family, you’ve likely spent a lot of time considering what breed is the right one for

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Smartest Dog Breeds You Can Own

There is no question that dogs are an incredibly intelligent species. But when it comes to pooches who want to learn, there are certainly some

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The Top 10 Dog Breeds for Family

If after careful consideration you and your family have reached the conclusion that it’s time for a dog, now the fun can begin! Choosing the

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Irish Dog Breed Trivia

Ready to stump your friends? Ireland is blessed with nine breeds native to the country. Setters, terriers, hounds, and more! Amaze your friends with this

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Dog Breeds from Canada

If you’re thinking of adding a dog to your family, the first place to start is deciding upon a breed. With so many to choose