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How many words can a dog learn

How Many Words Can a Dog Learn?

Though dogs and humans speak different languages, it is possible for our fave furry friends to learn some of our vocabulary. On occasion, our dogs

Picture of a Xoloitzcuintl

Popular Hairless Dogs

Though dogs are considered to be man’s best friend, one thing sometimes stands in the way of a close relationship between this pair: dog hair.

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Do Dogs Remember Their Siblings?

Since most dogs are born into litters that contain several other puppies, it is safe to assume that your pooch has siblings. Siblings play an

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Interesting Dog Statistics

If you share your home with a dog, you may often wonder if your experience with Fido is similar to what other owners face. Each

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The Top Ten Brindle Dog Breeds

When it comes to selecting your next family dog, you’ve got a wide sampling of coat types, colors, sizes, personalities, and breeds from which to

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Popular Double Coated Dog Breeds

Many families are smitten with double coated breeds. But when summertime comes, they often wonder if their dogs are sweltering in the peak heat of