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Picture of a woman and her puppy

10 Great Movies to Watch with a Dog

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many pet owners started streaming movies at home, as most movie theaters were closed. Even post-pandemic, it can be more comfortable

Homeless man his dog

Should Homeless People Have Pets

Sadly, homelessness is on the rise in our country. With costs becoming higher and higher and stable employment challenging to find, many people are forced

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Can I Vacuum My Dog?

It’s an unfortunate fact that dogs do shed, and many of them shed A LOT. If you’re tired of devoting your life to ridding your

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Do Dogs Like Men or Women More?

Some dogs are naturally drawn to one gender over another. If your dog tends to favor another family member over you, you might be wondering

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Are Foxes Closer to Dogs or Cats

Foxes are very striking looking animals with their vibrant red coats and adorable appearance. Though many people view them as truly beautiful to behold, others

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The delightful Dachshund is well-renowned for his lengthy, sausage-like body and his cheerful, jaunty little walk. A dog considered to be a scent hound, the

Close up of a dogs nose

Dog Nose Prints

Believe it or not, your dog has an identifier that is equally as unique as a human fingerprint: his nose! Just as a human’s fingerprints

Picture of an English Bulldog

Dog Breeds Prone to Canine Obesity

Sadly, one of the most commonly seen health problems in dogs today is obesity. This fact is particularly troubling since obesity is purely preventable. Experts