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Picture of a Corgi

What Does “Sploot” Mean?

If you’ve ever wondered what the word “sploot” means, you’re not alone. You’re reluctant to use it in conversation for fear you might offend someone

Picture of a black and white puppy

Fun Facts About Puppies

Many people speak rapturously about the enticing smell of puppy breath. Puppies curl up in your arms and nestle in, making you feel like the

Picture of 2 Schnauzers

Are Schnauzers Hypoallergenic?

In today’s society, more and more people suffer with allergies. Many families can trace their allergic reactions to pet hair and dander. Yet, thankfully, a

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The Real Cost of Owning a Dog

Have you ever wondered what it actually costs to own a dog? If most dog owners sat down and analyzed their canine-related expenses from year

Picture of a dog carrying a stick

Why Do Dogs Like Sticks

If you’ve ever taken your dog for a romp along the beach or even for a walk in the woods, it is inevitable that he