Cat Health

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Ear Infections in Cats

Our feline friends can have two types of ear infections – the ones that affect the external components of the ear and the ones that

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Dermatitis in Cats

If you have noticed that your cat has been a little scratchy for some time and he or she is constantly licking or grooming more

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Can you Give Your Cat Benadryl?

Are cats allergic to Benadryl or could you give this medication to your cat in case she has an allergy? We’ve written about whether you

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Cat Eye Colors

What color are your cat’s eyes? You might not immediately be able to answer this question without sneaking a look at them, right? Cat eye

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Is Neosporin Safe for Cats?

Cats are known to be a little more sensitive compared to dogs, and while there are a variety of medications initially designed for humans that

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How Many Nipples Do Cats Have?

Because cats are mammals, naturally they have nipples. You might be surprising, however, to find out that even male cats have nipples. If you’re a

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Why Do Cats Hate Water?

Savvy cat owners know that it’s not a good idea to attempt to give kitty a bath. Cats hate water, right? Well, mostly. Here we’ll

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How to Tell a Cat’s Age

Without a doubt, it can be a real challenge to try to tell a cat’s age if you haven’t had your feline companion ever since