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When Do Cats Stop Growing?

Jason Homan
When you first brought home your little feline bundle of joy, you relished in his tiny size. Over time, that little kitten began to grow, and it seemed there was...

How to Calm a Cat in Heat

Jason Homan
Keeping an intact cat in your home equates to a lot of additional responsibility. You’re prepared to shoulder that; after all, your cat is worth it. Still, it seems that...

Should you Declaw your Cat?

Jason Homan
If you own a cat, you understand the frustrations of shredded furniture. While you understand that scratching things is a positive experience for your cat, you’d really rather your furniture...

The Declaw Controversy

What effect declawing has on a cat’s behavior is a controversial topic that actually involves several different issues. One involves personal beliefs about whether declawing is ethically acceptable. Personal beliefs...