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Weight Loss in Cats

Cats don’t always show signs of an illness, and if you’ve noticed that your feline friend has been losing a little weight, you might be

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Heart Murmurs in Cats

What are heart murmurs, how serious are they, and why do they show up in our feline friends? If these are all questions you’ve asked

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Why Is My Cat Staring at the Wall?

Cats can sometimes have a somewhat mysterious behavior, which could puzzle their pet guardians to the point that they might ask themselves whether there isn’t

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Conjunctivitis in Cats

Cats can have a variety of eye problems, but conjunctivitis is by far one of the most common ones that affect our feline friends. In

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Salmonella Poisoning in Cats

Almost anyone in the world has heard the word ‘Salmonella’ before, and that’s because it is among the most common bacteria that produce digestive infections.