Cat Puns – Cat Humor Funny Enough to Make Your Friends Laugh

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Everyone loves a good pun, right? Well, some people are punnier than others. Cat owners, in particular, are usually partial to punny cat sayings. The following are some of the most purr-fect cat puns we’ve ever heard.

Vocabulary: Replacing Words with Witty Catticisims

  • A-paw-ling – The smell of the cat’s litter box after we were away for a week was a-paw-ling.
  • Cat-astrophe – A devastation to a feline, such as: “The loss of her favorite cat tree was a cat-astrophe for my kitty.”
  • Cat-atonic- The cat was cat-atonic after eating the cat nip.
  • Cathletic – This is actually the opposite of athletic, otherwise known as lazy. It is a good descriptive term for the comic cat Garfield.
  • Cat-titude – Does your cat have attitude? No, she has cat-titude!
  • Clawful – My cat’s litter box smells claw-ful as I haven’t changed it in weeks.
  • Clawsome – My cat thinks it’s claw-some to climb my curtains.
  • Fur-get – Whenever I move towards my cat with a towel, she runs. She will never fur-get the time I made her into a cat burrito in the towel and took her to the vet.
  • Furmiliar – I am so fur-miliar with my cat by now that I understand the nuances and meanings of all of her meows.
  • Fur real – A cat’s way of emphasizing his dislike of something: “I refuse to eat that new cat food, fur real!”
  • Furrend – Many feline owners consider their cat to be their best fur-rend.
  • Furry – I’m always telling my cat that she’s a furry good kitty when she’s on her best behavior.
  • Fur-tunate – My cat was fur-tunate that she landed on her feet when she fell from the window.
  • Hissterical – The cat hates car rides and becomes hiss-terical when he has to get in his carrier.
  • Kitten me – Are you kitten me? You can’t possibly hate these cat puns!
  • Meow – When I disturbed my sleeping cat, her scathing look said, “Don’t bother me right meow!”
  • Meow-sician – My cat is a true meow-sician and rubs up against me when I play any instrument.
  • Mew – Do mew understand that I, your cat, will sleep on any bed that I choose in the house?
  • Mew-ment – In this mew-ment, with my cat sleeping contentedly on my lap, I am happy.
  • Paw-lease – If your cat has cat-titude she will be saying “paw-lease!” anytime she comes across something that doesn’t jibe with her worldview.
  • Paws – I was given paws when I entered the room and saw that my cat had shredded all of the newspapers collected there.
  • Pawsitive – Are you paw-sitive that you won’t give me, your cat, a bite of whatever you’re eating?
  • Purrsuasion – My cat is a master of the art of purr-suasion, as she can make me give her anything she wants.

Cat Puns to Amuse Your Friends

  • What is a cat’s most important trait? Its purrsonality.
  • What do you call a cat who gets anything she wants? Purr-suasive.
  • What is a cat’s favorite day of the week? Caturday.
  • What is every cat’s favorite color? Purr-ple.
  • What kind of cats like to bowl? Alley cats.
  • What do you call a cat who likes to read? Litter-ate.
  • What is a cat’s favorite book? Of Mice and Men. (The Great Catsby is a close second).
  • What is a cat’s favorite quote from Shakespeare? “Tabby or not tabby? That is the question.”
  • What is a cat’s favorite cereal? Mice Crispies.
  • What is a cat’s favorite vegetable? As-purr-agus.
  • What is a cat’s favorite sodas? Meowtain Dew and Dr. Pep-purr.
  • What do you get when you cross a cat with vinegar? A sourpuss.
  • Why is the cat sitting on my computer? She is keeping an eye on the mouse.
  • What do cats wear at night? Paw-jamas.
  • What did the alien say to the cat? Take me to your litter.
  • What is a cat’s favorite dessert? Mice cream.
  • What is a cat’s favorite discount? Buy one, get one furry.
  • Why don’t cats like to shop online? They’d rather use cat-alogues.
  • What do you call a pile of kittens? A meow-tain.
  • Why did the cat visit Egypt? He wanted to see the purr-amids.
  • What do you call a cat with eight legs? An octo-puss.
  • How did the cats act after their fight? They hissed and made up.
  • When a cat creates a painting of himself, what is it called? A self paw-trait.
  • What happened to the cat who swallowed a skein of yarn? She gave birth to mittens.
  • How is your cat after her recent illness? She’s feline good.
  • What do you call a cat who’s sleeping in your shoe? Puss in boots.
  • What do you feed to an invisible cat? Evaporated milk.
  • How did that male tom cat get his girlfriend? He whisker away.
  • What kind of car does a cat drive? A Furr-ari.
  • Who did they call to treat the sick cat? A purr-amedic.
  • Why must you be careful when it’s raining cats and dogs? You could step in a poodle.
  • Ten cats were in a room and one ran out. How many were left? None, because they were all copycats.
  • What did the feline star of “The Real Cats of Beverly Hills” really want? A new purr coat.
  • What do you call the cat who stole the jewelry from his owner? The purr-patrator.
  • Who arrested the cat who stole the jewelry from his owner? Claw enforcement.
  • Why did the cat get kicked out of the game? He was a cheetah.



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