Cat Furniture Has Come a Long Way

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When I was a child growing up with cats, we didn’t have “cat furniture.” “Cat furniture,” at that time, was the human’s chair that the cat decided to take over, or my bed. Nowadays, there are all types of furniture created specifically for cats and with cats in mind. Cat furniture has come a long way.

Tuft and Paw

One company that manufactures and sells all types of unique cat furniture is Tuft and Paw. This California company creates modern cat-friendly pieces on which cats can sleep, climb, scratch, and play. They even offer cat furniture designed to conceal the litter box in a tasteful, stylish way.

Today’s cats should have their own place to sleep (besides their owners’ beds), and Tuft and Paw recognizes this. For sleeping, Tuft and Paw offers a variety of cat beds, cat hammocks, cat houses and even cat teepees. They are designed to be your cat’s sanctuary and are available in a variety of styles and materials.

Tuft and Paw also sells cat climbing trees, perches, and scratching posts with appealing coarse surfaces. They know that a happy cat is a healthy cat, and therefore they also manufacture distinctive, fun cat toys. All of the cat furniture made at Tuft and Paw is built to last and can stand up to however your cat chooses to attack it. Additionally, this cat furniture is designed to blend in with and even complement your interior decor – an important consideration when shopping for cat furniture.

Catastrophic Creations

Another company that specializes in designing and selling cat furniture is Catastrophic Creations. Founded in 2013, this company’s creative cat furniture has been featured on Animal Planet’s “My Cat from Hell.” They specialize in cat climbing systems, cat shelves, cat beds, cat feeders, cat hammocks, and scratching posts.

Catastrophic Creations website offers information for cat owners on why they should consider unique cat wall installations and how to design the perfect cat wall habitat in your home. These could include shelves, hammocks, feeders and a bed, and offers cats a route to traverse not just to have fun but to be rewarded with food or a pleasant napping spot.

Cats usually adapt quickly and well to the cat furniture and wall installations from Catastrophic Creations, but they also note that some cats are a bit cautious when it comes to new furniture in the home. The company offers tips on proper spacing of cat furniture and shelves, where to put incentives and motivators to encourage your cat to traverse her new route, and how to make sure your new wall installation is stable as well as located in a room your cat will want to hang out in.

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The Refined Feline

The cat owners who founded The Refined Feline in 2004 were looking for an alternative to the ugly, bulky cat furniture that was flooding the marketplace at that time. Their goal was to create designer cat furniture that pleased both the cat and the cat’s owner. The cat furniture designed by The Refined Feline easily blends in to existing home decor while still providing a fun, comfortable place for your cats.

The Refined Feline offers a wide variety of cat towers, cat shelves, cat beds, cat scratchers, and a “refined cat litter box” that fits into the home just like a regular piece of wood furniture but conceals a litter box. It comes in sizes that are designed to fit even the larger litter boxes, like the Litter Maid, Scoop Free, and Petmate Purrforma models.

Kitty Mansions

Kitty Mansions specializes in creating cat trees, but not just any cat trees. Based in Ontario, California, their cat trees are made in a variety of sizes and complexity. They are also created from diverse materials including redwood, sisal and faux fur. The owners of Kitty Mansions say that they started their business to give cat owners an alternative to having their “human furniture” destroyed by their cats. In addition to selling cat trees on their website and in their California showroom, their cat trees are sold online at retailers including (but not limited to) Walmart, PetSmart, Amazon, and Wayfair.

Black Diamond Cat Trees

A Canadian company, Black Diamond Cat Trees also specializes in creating fun, designer cat trees. Their cat trees are all hand-made, green, durable, include non-toxic glue and staples, customizable, and available at various price points. These cat trees ship only to Canada, however, so Canadian cat owners are the only ones who can benefit from these unique cat trees.



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