Can I Give My Dog Cottage Cheese

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Have you wondered if you can give your dog cottage cheese? The answer is a qualified yes. Most adult dogs can eat cottage cheese. You need to be a little more cautious with puppies.

Is cottage cheese good for dogs?

Cottage cheese can be very good for dogs. Regular cottage cheese has 13 percent carbohydrates, 39 percent fat, and a whopping 48 percent protein. It’s also high in calcium, phosphorus, sodium, and selenium, along with a few vitamins. Because it is so high in fat it’s usually better to give your dog low-fat cottage cheese. Low-fat cottage cheese has 15 percent carbs, 12 percent fat, and 73 percent protein. Too much regular cottage cheese can cause your dog to gain weight.

Can dogs digest cottage cheese?

Yes, most dogs can digest cottage cheese. Some dairy products are high in lactose. Dogs that are lactose-intolerant can have a hard time digesting whole milk and some other dairy because they lack the enzyme to break down the lactose. However, cottage cheese and many other cheeses are relatively low in lactose. Even dogs that have problems with milk can often eat small amounts of cottage cheese without a problem.

If your dog is lactose-intolerant and you want to see if he can eat cottage cheese, only give him a small amount to see how he reacts to it. Watch for any signs of digestive upset. It can take up to 12 hours for your dog to have a reaction if he’s lactose-intolerant. If your dog appears to digest the cottage cheese well, you can add a little cottage cheese to his diet in the future.

Should puppies eat cottage cheese?

As a rule, you should not add calcium supplements, such as dairy products, to your growing puppy’s diet. Puppy foods are carefully balanced to contain the correct amount of calcium – and the correct ratio of calcium to phosphorus. If you add a food such as cottage cheese to your puppy’s diet, especially on a regular basis, it can upset your puppy’s mineral balance. It’s important to keep your puppy’s calcium and phosphorus at the right levels for his bone development. Upsetting the mineral balance can result in hip dysplasia or other bone and joint problems later in life. After your puppy has become an adult dog it will be all right to give him some cottage cheese as a treat or as a topper for his dog food.

How to give cottage cheese to your dog

If you want to give your dog some cottage cheese you can offer it as a special treat in his dish. Or, you can use it as a topper for his dog food to make the food more appealing. If you use Kongs (the hard rubber chew toy), you could fill the Kong with cottage cheese and freeze it for a tasty chew for your dog. If your dog likes a safe fruit such as strawberries or blueberries, you can put some berries and cottage cheese in a blender and mix them together. Try pouring the mix into ice cube trays and freezing them for a delicious cold treat for your dog. Berries are a great source of antioxidants so they only add to the health benefits of cottage cheese.


Most dogs can eat cottage cheese without a problem. If your dog is lactose-intolerant you can try giving your dog a small portion of cottage cheese to see if he can safely eat it. It’s best to avoid giving puppies cottage cheese or other dairy products since these foods can upset the mineral balance of their puppy food. Cottage cheese makes a great topper for your dog’s food or you can give it to your dog as a treat.



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