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Backgrounds And Pet Portraits

Clicking a good portrait picture of your pet is not easy. On top of this, if the surroundings are not in favor of you clicking the picture, then the plan can turn out to be a great failure. You must have noticed that taking a picture in the summers is entirely different than clicking a picture in the winters.

This is only one example of how the background conditions impact the quality of the image. There are times when the ambient conditions are not suitable for carrying out a photoshoot, but you might be willing to do the photoshoot at that time itself. So in this article, let us take a look at the preparations which you can do so that you can click a good pet portrait even when the outdoor background is not great for doing so.

  1. Think Of A Backup

One of the reasons why the outdoor location that you have chosen to click a portrait of your pet is not suitable is because of the weather which is prevailing in that location. In such a case, one should always have a backup in mind concerning the place where the outdoor portrait shoot has to be done. You should know about a small but effective shelter at the outdoor location itself where you can be protected from the weather and can complete your photography session.

But when you are choosing a shelter to protect yourself and your equipment from the adverse weather conditions such as a rainy day, you should keep it in mind that the shelter should be an open-sided one. Having an open-sided shelter helps in making the background very much similar to a fully open and outdoor photoshoot.

For such a condition, you can choose a temporary shelter in the outdoors, or you can opt for a photo session beneath a bridge in these cases. The equipment, yourself and the pet, all will be protected from the weather conditions, and the pictures that you will be able to click will most likely be similar to what a normal outdoor portrait would look.

  1. Remove Distractions

When we are talking about a bad outdoor location, then there can be many dimensions that can go wrong concerning the background. Trying to rectify all of these will end up taking a lot of time, and in most cases, it might not even be possible.

But one of the things that you should rectify when the location is being corrected is that you should remove any sort of distractions. Whenever a distraction is present around the pet, all their attention tends to drift away to that distraction, and this will not allow you to click a good portrait picture of your pet.

  1. Leave It On Editing

Many times even the skills that you have with reference to clicking a portrait picture and attempts that you have made to correct the background of the pet portrait are not enough to make the things as you have wanted them to be. In such a case, editing plays an important role in mending the things for you in the picture.

pet portraits screenshot

Online platforms are available these days, which are providing great pet portraits. Once you upload the pictures of your pet on the website, the website processes it to produce an enhanced pet portrait. One such online platform is the CanvasPop. You can upload the distorted or low- quality portrait image of your pet on the website. The website will then improve its resolution and the quality of the image such that a great portrait picture is obtained.

  1. How To Adjust Focus

Although all of us may not be very handy with the camera and not possess the proper skills of clicking a portrait picture, the passion within us will drive us to click a picture of our beloved pet anyways. When this is the case with you, then you should pay attention to only the fact that for a portrait, you must always focus the camera on the subject, which in this case, is your pet. You should focus the camera on the face of the pet for a good portrait picture.

Along with this, you can adjust the exposure of light falling on the pet’s face so that the portrait picture is clicked with optimum lighting. If you are using a good camera to click a portrait picture of your pet, then one thing that you can try is to open the aperture of your camera lens as wide as possible.

When you do so, then the background that might have had a mixed variety of likable and unsuitable things in it will be eliminated to some extent. This means that the entire focus of the picture lies on the face of your pet that will help you in clicking on a good portrait picture.

  1. Try Using The Contrast Method

All ingredients for a good portrait picture do not lie with the camera and the cameraman itself. You need to modify the subject as per the requirements and ambient conditions of the background.

One thing that you can do to make the poor background go better with the portrait picture is that you can make use of a good contrast method to click the portrait picture. For this, you can make your pets wear good, bright-colored dog clothes. The bright colors of the clothes will allow you to create a contrast with the dark background, and a good picture can be clicked in this way.

  1. Add To The Surroundings

Again, when the background in the outdoors is not suitable for you to click a good portrait picture, then you need to make some modifications and appropriate additions to the background. You can add props and stilts in the background so that the ugly surroundings do not get noticed in the picture while the props, in turn, add to the quality of the image.

Photographers these days are using Color bombs and aerosols to create a dramatic smoky appearance in the background, something that adds to the quality of the pet portrait. Apart from these, if you want to keep it simple, then you can click the pet portrait with a background of flowers that you can keep in the vicinity of the pet to get a good shot of both.

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