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Susan Maphis

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Susan Maphis lives in the northeastern corner of Maryland with her husband, daughter, dog (Lenore) and cat (Tabby). She has been a freelance writer and editor for over 20 years. Her work includes academic pieces, news and feature writing, blogging, briefs, educational writing, and reviews.

Taking a Cat on a Car Trip

Susan Maphis
Some of our furry companions are a pleasure to take along with us on vacation. Sadly, usually cats do not fall into this category. Anyone who has ever attempted to...

Where Does Your Dog Sleep?

Susan Maphis
Dog owners have varying habits when it comes to deciding where their dogs sleep. Some have a dedicated bed set aside for their dog, and they only sleep there. Some...

Cool Dog Accent Pillows

Susan Maphis
Are you looking for a way to spend your Christmas cash and add some color and style to your dog-friendly home? Why not check out these cool dog accent pillows?...

Cats in Mythology

Susan Maphis
Cats have long been regarded as valued, treasured members of our families. In ancient times, however, cats were revered as gods or goddesses and often worshipped. Depending upon the religion...

Taking in a Stray Cat

Susan Maphis
Do stray cats seem to naturally gravitate towards your home? Or are you known in your neighborhood as a cat lover? If either of these situations apply to you, you...