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cat in loaf position

Why Do Cats Loaf

Domestic cats are not the most industrious of animals. That’s an understatement, really – most cats lay around the house all day, not doing much

colorful crayons

My Dog Ate Crayons

Some dogs will eat almost anything. If yours is one of them, you have probably been on the phone to your vet more than once,

Picture of a woman and her puppy

10 Great Movies to Watch with a Dog

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many pet owners started streaming movies at home, as most movie theaters were closed. Even post-pandemic, it can be more comfortable

Picture of a calico cat

Calico Cat Names

Calico cats are beautiful felines whose coats feature three color combinations – orange, black and white. Calicos, of course, are not a breed of cat,

Picture of a tame rabbit

How Long Do Rabbits Live

If you have a pet rabbit, one of your main concerns is likely, how long can I expect my pet rabbit to live? Although the

Picture of an Abyssinian Cat

Cats With Long Legs

The average adult cat stands between nine and 10 inches tall. Their legs typically measure  eight to 10 inches tall. Cats reach their full height

Picture of a female cat

What is a Female Cat Called

Do you prefer male or female cats? Or do you simply love all cats regardless of gender? Some cat lovers have a true preference for

Picture of a male cat outdoors

What is a Male Cat Called?

If you are sharing your life with a male cat, you might have wondered, from time to time, what they are called. Have you ever