Author: Merryn Wainwright

Picture of of a fat pug

Is It Time To Put Your Dog On A Diet?

Like humans, dogs can put on weight if they overeat or don’t exercise enough and, like their two-legged friends, it also tends to happen over time without us noticing. Since our pets rely on us for food and exercise, we can be part of the problem. A lot of dog owners are unaware that their

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Picture of Bernese Mountain Dog outdoors

Do You Take Too Many Pictures of Your Dog

Sharing photos of dogs on Social Media, these days, is almost a competitive sport.  While we all appreciate a well-placed, cute, dog snap, how do you know if you are simply oversharing? The first step is to observe your dog’s behavior. Does Rover roll his eyes every time you get your phone out? Are you

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Picture of dog in Greece

Adopting a Rescue Dog from Greece

If you have ever been to Greece – land of sun, sea and ancient mythology – you will have noticed the stray cats and dogs wherever you go. There are, in fact, over 20,000 of them. Some of them are well fed by the community and roam the streets freely; others are neglected, abandoned and

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Picture of dog in Greece next to the ocean

Tips for Travelling with Dogs in Greece

Taking Fido on your dream holiday to Greece is most definitely feasible. If you already know of the joys and difficulties of travelling with a dog, you are one step ahead. Here is the lowdown on Greek island hopping with your four-legged friend. All in order Sorting out the paperwork is the first thing to

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Picture of Labradoodle

Popular Mixed Dog Breeds

Are you more of a Mutt lover than a Pedigree person? How about a mixed-breed dog? Any dog descending from two or more different breeds are referred to as mixed breed. If it’s Mother Nature, it’s a mutt. If it’s done intentionally, it’s a crossbreed. Generally mixed-breed dogs are healthier and have longer life spans

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Picture of puppy in the sun

Introducing your Puppy to other Dogs

So, you got a puppy?  Being a puppy parent is an exciting and challenging time filled with love, adventure and mess. If it is time to take your bundle of joy out to meet the big dogs, you‘ll need to think of a few things before doing so. Here are some handy tips to get

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