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Picture of grey cat with green eyes

How to Stop Your Cat From Meowing at Night

Our fluffballs are the loves of our lives but this doesn’t mean that we want to listen to them all night. Cats tend to chatter late at night and get even more insistent when their conversation is not returned. This can drive even the most confirmed cat lover crazy. Healthy housecats typically sleep up to

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Picture of woman holding a cat

Ten Signs That Your Cat Loves You

Head butts and head rubs. Nudges and rubs are an obvious sign of feline friendliness. But aside from the pure sweetness, there’s a pheromone-driven reason for this particular expression of affection. Cats have scent glands on their cheeks, chins, foreheads, and lips. When they rub against you, they are marking you with their scent and

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Picture of couple holding dogs

Popular Dating Websites and Apps for Dog & Cat Lovers

We all love our pets. They’re the ideal companions for enjoying long weekend walks, sharing meals, and snuggling at night. They enhance our lives immeasurably and provide us with joy and cuddles. It’s impossible to be truly lonely with pets in the house. Despite that, some of us also seek companions with fewer tails. And

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Picture of cat sitting on a tree

Should You Let Your Cat Explore The Outdoors?

Your cat chirps at the window and lurks by the door, waiting for a chance to dash between your legs. She thinks she’s a tiger and wants to prowl and pounce. She may also want to meet the feral tomcat who slinks around the neighborhood. Should you indulge her curiosity and let her see what’s

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Picture of cat in a box

Why Do Cats Like Boxes?

Everybody who has been owned by a cat at any time in his or her life knows that there’s nothing like a fluffy, furry box of feline goodness. Where there’s a box, there’s a cat or two. It’s hard to tell whether you or your kitty is more excited when the big brown UPS truck

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Picture of grey cat on a bench

Do You Take Too Many Pictures of Your Cat?

Cat in a bag? *click* Cat on the table? *click* Cat with a poofy tail * click* Cat playing in a box * click* Cat on a windowsill? *click* Cat playing with a toy? *click* Cat playing with something that’s not a toy? * click* We all think our cats are adorable and, of course, we’re

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