Pet Friendly House

Marcy Howell

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Marcy has been adopted by a wide variety of pets both exotic and ordinary over the years but there’s almost always been a cat or three in the mix as well as plenty of fur on the furniture. The current menagerie includes two cats, a floppy-eared bunny, and a step-dog.

Ten Signs That Your Cat Loves You

Marcy Howell
Head butts and head rubs. Nudges and rubs are an obvious sign of feline friendliness. But aside from the pure sweetness, there’s a pheromone-driven reason for this particular expression of...

Why Do Cats Like Boxes?

Marcy Howell
Everybody who has been owned by a cat at any time in his or her life knows that there’s nothing like a fluffy, furry box of feline goodness. Where there’s...